The most ridiculous scientific myths

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In any epoch there were various legends and myths, it was of course possible to distinguish them from the truth. But in today's world there are "scientific" myths that even sometimes sound absurd, but are passed off as confirmed facts. 

This article will ruthlessly debunk several such "scientific" facts ~ myths.


1st Myth. Evolution is evolution...

There is no doubt that evolution does not stand still and various physical and energetic changes are taking place on earth every second. Often, this is considered a positive process for all existing organisms. In biology there are examples that clearly show the opposite. On the island of Mauritius, in a more than comfortable environment lived birds - Dodo, they had no need, learn to hide from potential adversaries, as birds in nature did not exist. The arrival of man on this beautiful island changed everything, trusting birds were exterminated by unexpected "aliens". 

The conclusion is as follows, evolution cannot be put in the framework called - development, it is a huge and multifaceted process. And sometimes it is far from the growth of the individual or even society, but unfortunately a big step backward.


The 2nd myth. In outer space man's blood will boil and he will freeze at once

Such a statement even sounds ridiculous! There is a whole list of such hypotheses as to how the organism and the human body, the essence of one, will behave in outer space, which makes no sense to enumerate. But it is still worth debunking the voiced myth by a really scientifically proven fact. In space, a man will not boil or freeze, because there is no, oddly enough, temperature. Air is not there either, and without it the process of convective heat exchange is impossible, and this means that the human body will not lose its heat in a few seconds. Blood, too, will not boil for the reason that even in extreme circumstances, the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels restrains the blood pressure at very high values.

And also we would like to ask the "scientific workers", have you pushed a man into outer space without a spacesuit? In such a case, a person loses consciousness from oxygen starvation in 20 seconds, and if he is not resuscitated within two minutes, he will die.

Myth 3. Polaris is considered to be the brightest star

This too is a "scientific" myth that misleads the masses of people. Polaris is actually in the top 50 for brightness, but only ranks 46th there. It can be contemplated while in the earth's northern hemisphere, in the earth's southern hemisphere this star is visible near the equator. The brightest star that can be seen from our planet is Sirius, which is in the constellation of the Great Hound.

Myth #4. The "5-second rule"...

The myth of the "5 second rule" is not even a myth, but something like a child's game, the rules of which are rather unhygienic and not as safe as they seem; if some food falls on the floor and is not picked up within five seconds, then, there is no time for germs to stick to it. Naturally, this is not true. In a 2016 study, Donald Shafner proved that food dropped on the floor becomes infected with germs instantly. And, there are quite a few other important factors that increase the rate at which germs attack food that has fallen out of your hands. These factors, the floor covering and the level of humidity of the product. For example, a piece of watermelon collects a maximum of bacteria on itself when it falls, while a sticky candy collects a minimum.

Myth 5. The dark side of the moon...

The moon does not have a dark side, although this has become a popular myth, almost on a cultural level. There is only a certain part of the Moon that cannot be seen from Earth, however, this part is illuminated by the Sun, just as the visible side is for us. The discovery of this fact took place in 1959, with the help of an interplanetary apparatus and its photovision cameras. The name of the apparatus was Luna 3.


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