The most unusual Soviet cars

The most unusual Soviet cars. Top 12


What extraordinary and sometimes ridiculous designs did not appear at our factories and NAMI for the entire history of domestic automotive industry! A weighty volume would not be enough to tell about all of them. So let's recall a dozen of the most interesting cars of different times and brands, classes and purposes - prototypes and small-scale production designs.


Unique versions of Moskvich-412: pickups, sports coupe, hatchbacks

If you consider GAZ-69 as a passenger car, then in the photo below is a passenger dumper.


The prototype based on GAZ-69 was made in the early 1960s in Ulyanovsk. The car was expectedly recognized as economically unprofitable. GAZ-69 dump truck

An authentic legend says that about ten hybrids GAZ-12 ZIM and GAZ-13 Chaika were made at some military car-repair plant. Seagull was put only to the bosses of a certain level. And those who were lower, also wanted a new comfortable car. The version with ZIM front and rear did not bother those who did not need it. The wits nicknamed such car "Oslobyk". Oslobyk" - a hybrid of GAZ-12 ZIM and GAZ-13 Chaika.


Pickup truck VAZ-2106 with a simple name Tourist was made in the autumn of 1981 at the suggestion of the technical director of the plant Farshatova. In the body behind the double doors there was a folding tent. Even small-scale production was planned, but was limited to a single prototype.


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