The Motivating Story of 5 Unique Blind People

Marle Ranjan is a blind athlete in the Olympics

At the age of 9, she became completely blind due to Stahrhardt's disease, but there were no obstacles for Marle to achieve her goals. She went to university, won 4 gold medals in 1992, and in 1996 she took gold in the pentathlon at the Paralympics.


Blind Surfer Derek Rabelo

Derek was born with congenital glaucoma. But that didn't stop him from learning to surf at age three.

He says anything is possible with God.

His church helped him go to Hawaii, where the surfing community has already taken him under their wing, so to speak. It was he who became the main character in the movie On the Other Side of Vision.


John Bramblitt - The Blind Artist

John lost his sight in 2001 due to complications from epilepsy. But without giving up, he began to paint... painting to the touch. Colors became different for him, such as white being denser and black being more fluid. Now his paintings are sold in over 20 countries, and printed internationally. He also received 3 presidential awards.


Blind Driver Mark Anthony Riccobono

It was January 29, 2011. On that day, Mark Anthony got behind the wheel of a car and did a lap on his own at Daytona International Raceway. He did it thanks to technology. "DriveGrip" consists of two gloves, and they send vibrations through the hands to let the driver know how hard to turn the wheel, and "SpeedStrip" are cushions on the driver's legs and back. They tell you how much to accelerate.

He demonstrated to the world that blind people are able to adapt to society and drive completely safely.


Christopher Downey - The Blind Architect

This is an architect, consultant and planner who lost his sight when a tumor formed wrapped around his optic nerve. So how does one work as an architect? "Easily," Christopher replied, and simply went on with his work. Today, he develops interesting designs, continuing to do more as a blind person than many full-fledged people do.


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