The Mystery of the Coral Castle

Despite the fact that the castle is called "coral", it is actually made of oolite or oolitic limestone. This material is commonly found in southeastern Florida. (By the way, these stones have a very sharp surface and cut your hands like a knife.)


The Coral Castle complex includes a large number of buildings and structures. The main one is a two-storey square tower weighing 243 tons.


Edward used the first floor of the tower for workshops, the second for living quarters. A pavilion with a bathtub and a well is built next to the tower.


The territory of the castle is decorated with various stone sculptures, including a stone map of Florida, the planets Mars and Saturn (weighing 18 tons), a 23-ton month, a sundial, which can be used to determine the time to the nearest minute, a huge table in the shape of a heart, chairs -Rocking, fountain and much more.


The tallest structure of the Coral Castle is a 12-meter obelisk weighing 28.5 tons. On the obelisk, Edward carved several dates: the year of his birth, as well as the years when the construction and moving of the castle began.

The heaviest monolith, weighing over 30 tons, serves as one of the blocks of the northern wall. By the way, the weight of this stone block is greater than the average weight of stones in the famous Stonehenge and in the Pyramid of Cheops.


The so-called telescope also weighs about 30 tons, the tube of which reaches a height of 7 meters and is directed to the North Star.

Coral castle

Coral Castle is a unique stone structure. If you love riddles and secrets - this post is for you.


North of Homestead, Florida, USA, there is a unique structure that can rightfully be called the eighth wonder of the world (see Seven Wonders of the World). This is Coral Castle, built by a mysterious man named Edward Leedskalnin.


Coral Castle is a complex of numerous megaliths, weighing up to thirty tons. And everything would be fine if it were not for the secret of a man whose height was a little more than one and a half meters, who built it all alone.


Scientists all over the world still do not understand how he managed to build a complex with a total weight of more than 1000 tons, in connection with which many of the most fantastic versions and assumptions arose.


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