The national dishes of Europe - culinary delights for all times.

An integral part of the culture of any nation is the traditional national cuisine. And many national dishes become culinary symbols of the country.


Food should be not only nourishing, but also tasty. People have come to this opinion at the dawn of their existence.


To make the dishes appetizing and tasty they experimented with products and their combinations, designed and improved the cooking process.


And in every region, in every corner of the world there were different taste preferences, different products and living conditions which also dictated ways of cooking.


So gradually national culinary traditions of different peoples were born, formed and developed.


Changes in the modern world have also affected cuisine. Cuisines of different countries under the influence of each other have seriously changed, but at the same time they managed to keep their national colors and traditional national dishes.



Italian cuisine. 

One of the main features of the traditional cuisine of this sunny Mediterranean country is a large amount of pasta, called in Italy pasta.


Pasta may be very diverse: from the well-known spaghetti and fettuccini to orzo and Rochetti. It can be made from different types of dough (with or without egg), have different shapes, storage times and cooking options. Most often, pasta is served with no less variety of sauces and cheeses.


By the way, many famous ravioli are also a type of pasta.


Despite its widespread distribution around the world, it is with the Italian traditional cuisine associated with pizza - a dish with a thousand years of history.


Traditional Italian pizza is a thin round flatbread, rolled by hand, covered with a thin layer of tomato sauce, oregano cheese and seasoned with olive oil.

The list of national Italian cuisine would not be complete without risotto - a dish of rice cooked in a meat or fish broth and supplemented with a variety of ingredients.


Italians also like soups. One of the "signature" soups is minestrone - soup with vegetables and pasta (may be replaced by rice).


The Italians approach cooking with special care, zealously keeping and observing the traditions of their ancestors. Perhaps that's why Italian national cuisine is considered one of the most popular in the world.


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