The new Apple Watch will become more practical, the Watch Series 7 is already waiting

And what can change in just one year? Well, maybe the screen will be brighter or some kind of stopwatch will be improved.

Everything is much more interesting, in fact, according to a journalist from Bloomberg, the Apple Watch Series 7 may get a display with new lamination technology, which will make the screen panel closer to the user, also the frames will be reduced.


Yandex Open Source - Apple Watch 5

What it means.

Normally the screen is covered by a special glass, but in this case, a layer of glass is glued to the film and then to the screen. As a result, instead of one glass, several different layers are used, which are much thinner, allowing the "screen to the user" to come closer.


Naturally, these are not all the changes. The watch will get new features related to UWB technology, these are search functions, like the AirTag. We are talking about the ability of a lost or stolen device to automatically pair with someone else's iPhone and send data about its location.


Yandex open source - Apple Watch 7 concept

Sounds pretty good. Although it's hard to lose a watch, after all, it's always on your hand.

It makes sense, so not only the watch, but also AirPods Pro will get such a feature. In general, this is all that is known about the new watch and it has already become a bit more practical than its predecessors. The use of new technology and features is pleasing, but not enough so far to encourage people to replace their current Apple Watch.

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