The new plan makes the control of corruption total

By October 15, the government should develop proposals to improve reporting on the income of officials. And to work out the issue of strengthening public control over the corruption situation.


By December 10, the Prosecutor General's Office is obliged to prepare proposals for detailing information about income published on the Internet. And until September 2023 — to analyze corruption risks in the case of gratuitous entry of civil servants into the leadership of national corporations.


By 2023, law enforcement agencies should provide for bans on the work of corrupt officials in state agencies who got off with fines.


There are quite a lot of innovations in the document, says Vasily Sosnovsky, partner of the Genesis law firm. Of the most interesting, he notes the following.


Proposals on measures that will increase the transparency of procedures for determining the value of real estate and shares (shares, units) that are in state and municipal ownership should be submitted by September 20, 2022. Until November 30, 2023


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