The next little ice age will arrive in 2030!!

Human caused global warming is fake, we are directed in a little ice age!!
What is a little ice age?
A little ice age occurs when there are prolonged periods of cold weather with snow. The Little Ice Age began in the 1300s and ended around 1850.
The Earth's climate has been cooling since 1940, with the last three years as cold or colder than the previous decade. These changes could continue for decades to come, according to a study published in Science magazine this week.
Some researchers are predicting that another little ice age is imminent—one that will be very different from the last one. That's because of the grand solar minimum, which is now at its deepest point since about 1650.
What does it mean?
The sun controls the Earth's temperature through energy-rich particles called cosmic rays and ultraviolet radiation. The latter comes mostly from our own star. When there's less sunlight reaching the planet, temperatures drop. During a mini-ice age such as the Little Ice Age in the 1300s, temperatures dropped dramatically.
Today we are experiencing warming due to the grand solar maximum from 2000 to 2010, but that is likely to end by 2030 with an extended period of cooling. As some researchers predict, if the current trend continues, scientists could see more frequent cold spells in Europe and America over the next few decades.
Could you experience this?
Yes! Scientists believe we could be headed toward another little ice age before 2050. It wouldn't be much different than the one of 17th century or even the mid-1940s, when many parts of Europe experienced extremely frigid weather. If that happens, many experts say it could cause lasting damage to economies and infrastructure across Europe and North America.
We can only speculate on what it will be like, but this would most likely have a serious effect on crops around the world. Experts say this could lead to the extinction of several species, including bees and butterflies.
So, is there anything we can do to avoid this?
No. Scientists cannot tell us exactly when or how the Earth will cool again. And while a lot of us may not notice a big change in the weather, the planet will.


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