The number of victims of the flood in India has been named

Several dozens of people became victims of flooding in the Indian state of Utaranchal. The reasons for the collapse of the elements called climate change and uncontrolled construction, damaging the environment, reports "BBC".

There were heavy rains in the state, which flooded roads and houses, destroyed buildings and demolished bridges. As a result, 46 people died in Utaranchal. In Kerala, which was also hit by excessive rainfall, 26 people died. Rescue services came to the rescue of the residents. Families of the victims will receive compensations in a size of 400 thousand rupiah (about 380 thousand roubles). Those whose homes have suffered in the floods will get 190,000 rupees (more than 180,000 rubles).

Experts said the growing number of heavy rains is a consequence of climate change. Earlier, residents of Utaranchal faced landslides. Buildings are also often constructed on steep slopes in the region, which destroys the soil and damages the condition of the terrain. Floods could also be linked to a decrease in snowfall in the Himalayas due to rising temperatures - torrential rains increased the flow of water.

In September 2021, powerful flooding hit the autonomous community of Catalonia in Spain, as the downpour lasted from night to afternoon the next day. Local authorities urged residents not to leave their homes. There were no reports of casualties.


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