The nutritionist told about the dangers of giving up meat and how to avoid them

The nutritionist told about the dangers of giving up meat and how to avoid them


The exclusion of animal protein from the diet leads to the fact that microelements important for health no longer enter the body: vitamins D, B12, omega-3 fatty acids, creatine, cholesterol, iodine, phosphorus and calcium. The risk of stroke and hormonal disorders increases, nutritionist Olga Chuntova said on Tuesday, October 19.


"Hair, nails, bones, reproductive function suffer. Excluding animal protein, the risk of anemia also increases. With the exclusion of animal products from the diet, vegetable protein is not able to replace animal protein either in terms of amino acid composition or digestibility," she explained to RIA Novosti.


In addition, too much coffee and tea in a diet without meat can be a dangerous sharp reduction of iron in the body, as both drinks can interfere with its absorption. To prevent this from happening, we need products rich in ascorbic acid.


Algae, chia seeds, walnuts, eggs, flax seeds are needed to fill the deficit of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Nuts and legumes will help restore the balance of zinc, dairy products - amino acids. The calcium content will increase poppy seeds, almonds, sesame seeds, rosehip, young nettle, the specialist added.


In May, nutritionist Lidia Ionova recalled that by giving up meat, people often cannot eat in a balanced way. This is especially dangerous for children who are particularly in need of protein, and pregnant women. She told how to maintain the balance of nutrients important for health, eating tasty and right.


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