The oldest man in the world in the history of mankind

Record long-livers on the planet can be divided into two groups: those mentioned in the Bible, and verified citizens, whose existence is confirmed by modern documents and seals. Here are some enlightening facts about this.

The man who surpassed all

According to biblical history, the oldest man to live the greatest number of years is Methuselah. His life expectancy is 969 years. This is explained by the fact that at the dawn of mankind, people were closer to perfection and, therefore, were less sick and grew old more slowly. Fans of certificates and wet stamps confirming the years of birth and death of Methuselah, there is nothing to answer, because then such certificates were not yet issued.
The Woman Who Outdid Everyone
Of the documented cases of longevity on earth, the leader is Jeanne Calman. The Frenchwoman was born in early 1875 in the small town of Arles. After living there all her life, the woman died in the summer of 1997, so her longevity record was 122 years, five months and 14 days.
Kalman was married once and gave birth to her only daughter. The fortune of her parents and husband allowed her not to work, but to engage in tennis and cycling.
Highlights of her life included:
    Regular consumption of olive oil;
    her love of chocolate;
    drinking a glass of wine every day;
These cannot be called "ideal components" of longevity. So, just her tastes. Moreover, the Frenchwoman smoked two cigarettes a day. But Jeanne had a positive attitude and did not worry about things she could not influence. This is what distinguished the two oldest people in the world in the history of mankind.


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