The parable of pilaf

In a frying pan, heat the lamb fat, remove the pork rinds, add 50 g of vegetable oil. Put the peeled garlic clove one clove tooth is fried until it turns golden, then remove it.

Next, pour half of the melted fat into a saucepan. Cut the carrots into stripsin a frying pan and fry until it gets a golden color (to a sweet smell).

In a saucepan with preheated fat (over medium heat), add a pinch of cumin (ground in the palm of your hand) and immediately put the onion, cut into half rings, and fry until golden brown (sweet smell). We make the fire for the whole and add the chopped fresh meat (not frozen), continue to fry until golden brown..

Add the cooked carrots to the saucepan, mix and pour hot water about 1.5 cm, add spices (barberry, cumin, red pepper, saffron if desired), salt and check for taste (you can slightly over-salt), close the saucepan with a lid, put on a very slow fire, let the zirvak cook for 60 minutes.

Cut the carrots into stripsmass we put a head of garlic and evenly fall asleep with prematurely washed rice. Pour hot water 1.5 cm from the rice and make a fire for the whole. Next, we wait until all the water boils away.

After that, we collect the rice in a slide and make holes with a stick in a circle in several rows (to the bottom of the saucepan), wait for another 2 minutes and close the lid, turn off the fire.

Take a towel, wet it with cold water and wrap the saucepan. Stand for 40 minutes and the pilaf is ready!

You can spread it out on a large dish: first rice, and on top of the meat and a head of garlic, or pull out the head of garlic, mix in a saucepan... and into plates.

Bon Appetit!


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