The Paris Syndrome - When the City of Lovers Fails to Meet Expectations

Paris is a dream city, with its perfectly clean streets smelling of freshly baked croissants and passersby graciously appearing at your mere sight. At least, this utopian picture of the French capital draws us mass culture.

But more often coming tourist is faced with a completely different reality - the big city is in a hurry on its business, there are puffs of dust flying in the streets, and around the attractions are crowds of intrusive sellers of souvenirs. Many people are depressed when their expectations are not met. 

Disappointed tourists can be so shocked that they need a psychiatrist. Interestingly, such problems are most often observed in Asian countries, which are the first time they come to another cultural reality, imagining it quite differently in their fantasies.

Specialists, observing such disorders with increasing frequency, have even coined a term for them: the "Paris syndrome. It was first coined in 1986 by Japanese psychiatrist Hiroaki Otoy, who examined a sad compatriot who had visited the French capital. 

Every year several dozen tourists fall ill with the Paris syndrome and only after professional therapy do they return to normal.


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