The pilaf that always turns out

ProductsMeat (chicken, lamb, etc.) - 1 kg Rice (long grain steamed or other rice) - 1 kg Carrot - 1 kg onion - 4 pcs.garlic - 2 paprika - 2 paprika or other spices - to tasteSalt - to tasteOil - 250-300 ml


Prepare all the products for the pilaf.

Slices meat.


Dice onions and carrots into big enough slices.


In a heated cauldron, lightly fry onions in vegetable oil.


Add meat and fry until it is almost ready.


Add carrots, fry. Salt and add spices.


Rice is washed well, poured into cauldron, stirred and poured with boiling water, so that the water covered the rice at 2-2.5 cm.

It is better not to add more water. If, while cooking, it turns out that there is not enough water, it's safe to add it. But if there is too much water, the rice is guaranteed to overcook.


We bring it to a boil, without covering it with a lid. We test for salt, and if necessary, dosalivayem.


As soon as it boils, add whole garlic heads, peeled from the top husk, and hot pepper pods.

Reduce the heat to minimum, cover and leave the pilaf for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes, check: if the rice is still raw, and the water is no longer - add a little hot water and again put the lid on. Ready rice should not be too soft.


Turn off the heat and let the pilaf rest for about 15-20 minutes.


Traditionally, Uzbek pilaf is accompanied by Achuk (Achik-Chuchuk, or Shakarob) salad. It is elementary to prepare it: chop tomatoes and onions, add salt and black pepper. Oil is not added to this salad.


The pilaf is ready! Bon appetit!


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