The pre-installed Russian applications on the iPhone and Android were not needed

Researchers studied different preset formats on iOS and Android using Samsung examples and concluded that most users of new smartphones either failed to notice or poorly remembered the location of pre-installed apps


Unfortunate solution

Most users of new iOS and Android smartphones either failed to notice or poorly remembered the location of pre-installed apps offered on Apple and Samsung smartphones. This follows a Telecom Daily study.


Researchers have studied different formats of pre-installation on iOS and Android on examples of Samsung (about 30% of sales in the Russian cell phone market) and Apple (about 15%). For this purpose the agency conducted a survey and studied how the surveyed buyers of new smartphones (1,850 people) install applications. And then through a service for collecting statistics AppAnnie analyzed data on the number of downloads of mobile applications on iOS.


New smartphone users missed or poorly remembered the location of pre-installed apps

In April 2021, a law on mandatory pre-installation of Russian apps on imported smartphones and other high-tech devices came into force. Vendors have three installation options: a "selection window" with a list of applications (appears when you first turn on your gadget), icons on the screen (downloading is performed after clicking) and pre-installation of applications in the memory of the device.


The "window of choice" on the iPhone

Apple offers its users a "window of choice" that allows the owner of the device to choose their own applications. However, the study shows that 45% of users flip through and don't notice the "window of choice" among other steps because they are in a hurry to activate the device. Moreover, 79% of new iPhone owners prefer to set up only basic features like Face ID when they first turn it on, and only 16% of customers are willing to install new apps when they activate their smartphone.


Related to this is the lack of growth in downloads of apps with a large audience (4,000 or more downloads per day), as recorded by the AppAnnie service. "The window of choice", according to the results of the study, was the least convenient way to install software. Installing applications into the memory of the device seems easier and more convenient to users.


Samsung option

Samsung offers another software installation option. It collects icons with applications in the "Law" folder, which is always available on the screen. If owners of Apple appliances after installing applications can no longer return to the "selection window", Samsung users can download the desired application from the "Law" folder at any time.


However, 64% of users were not aware of the existence of this folder. Researchers believe this may have been influenced by the location of the folder not on the first screen.


Traffic analysis on Android is not given, because each Android smartphone manufacturer implements one of the allowed formats differently. It is not possible to track how much the number of downloads increased.


How did April's law affect app installs

In April the number of popular apps from the list of mandatory software (4-10 thousand downloads per day) changed neither immediately after the law took effect, nor afterwards. And the number of downloads of applications with a small audience (50-520 downloads per day), which were included in the pre-installation, immediately after April 1, began to grow little by little. The authors of the study note that so far these values are small: from 48 to 275 installations per day. The application "Marusya" number of installations on April 1 (compared with downloads on March 31) increased by 107 installations per day, Ok Live - for 67, " News" - for 97, "My Office" - for 200.


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