The pride of heaven

The Pride of Heaven...

In the early days of d Nile, the people of Egypt prayed! for Osiris to live to build d civilization of the Nile...hmm life was tremendous as u were been tag the Goddess of the Sumerians among the moment of time , I flash back the name u were named in southern region "Irish Queen " hmm u r indeed a model with ivory skin dat can serve as light to humanity (attraction )hmm now I see why grandpa compare u to the Heart of god(ejit Awaji ire esese) u r a value(Treasure) as Daddy's name maintains d Expensive-Gift(Dear-john)of Robert...oh! Wealth accomplished as you for ever lived with him # lol #...hmm Etesis lives on to give account of this day...Sweet16 , I should have clothes this day with expensive clothe and jewelries if its something visible but the uniqueness of it makes it invisible...Blood SIS couldnt add much terms cux ur name has modifies everything.... Happy Birthday Blood, WULLNP as The Creator bless you and your family as u forever lives on....


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Am from Nigerian and a native unyeada in Andoni Rivers state port Harcourt.

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