The principle of dropshipping

You have surely come across this term somewhere while browsing the internet. 

Perhaps on forums, on social networks or even on certain websites.


Dropshipping, or drop shipping is a term that comes up more and more in online sales and the trend in Europe and the world is very real! 

But for a lot of people, it is still a misunderstood or even unknown concept.

So I will explain to you what dropshipping really means, how this business model works, why it is emerging and prove to you that anyone can get started.


The principle of dropshipping


To fully understand the concept of dropshipping, you have to dissect the different stages step by step.


Three players enter the dropshipping process:


The supplier, who offers his range of products to resellers.

The reseller or drop shipper, who highlights the supplier's products on his e-commerce site

The customer, who buys the products on the reseller's site and is delivered directly by the supplier


The 3 stages of dropshipping


To retrace the different steps in the other direction, you are going to put yourself in the shoes of an Internet user wishing to buy a product on a commercial site.


When you arrive at the online store, you are going to find a product that you like. 

You will then proceed with the purchase.


The e-merchant will receive your order. 

He does not have any stock at home, so he will place an order with the supplier indicating your address.


The e-merchant's supplier will therefore receive your order and ship the product to your home.


The dropshipper is simply a service provider whose sole mission is to sell the supplier's product to recover a margin.


The advantage that you have by launching an e-commerce dropshipping site is that you will be able to focus on your core business: online sales. 

At no time will you take care of logistics, stock or shipping.


You have surely understood that the supplier has a very important place in the process. 

You have to find trusted suppliers!


The dropshipping market and suppliers


Now that you know what dropshipping is, part of the business is still a mystery: how to have a turnkey dropshipping site with a quality supplier to launch your online business?


Dropshipping is, for the most part, powered by Chinese suppliers and wholesalers, and the number of Chinese companies specializing in this business has been growing steadily for years.


This growth may be linked to their integration with Western companies.

This e-commerce solution is not just a simple turnkey solution for creating dropshipping sites.


It is also an extension that allows you to choose and import products from the largest e-commerce catalogs in the world into your store, taking advantage of supplier prices.


We know that your success will, in part, come from choosing your supplier.


This information will make it easier for you to choose your wholesaler and your dropshipping products to have a good niche site.


To create this confidence indicator, we base ourselves on essential criteria:


the number of orders placed,


the supplier's reputation according to customer reviews and ratings,


the delivery delay,


If you want to be sure that you find a supplier that is the right one, you can trust the quality of service. 

There is nothing better than testing the supplier by ordering items yourself.


You will be able to see the delivery times, the packaging, the range of products, and most importantly the quality of the products.


Another important element is the availability of the supplier. 

He must be responsive to the orders you give him and if you need him in the event of a problem.



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