The salary of Sheriff head coach Iurii Vernidub and team players has been published

The head coach of the Moldovan club "Sheriff" Iurii Vernidub earns less than € 20 thousand per month, ProTV Chisinau reports. Vernidub's salary is significantly lower than the salaries of coaches of teams that play with "Sheriff" in the same group in the Champions League.


"Sheriff is in the same group as Shakhtar Donetsk, Inter and Real Madrid. The Moldovan club, making its debut in the Champions League, defeated Shakhtar 2-0 and defeated Real Madrid 2-1. Coaches of other clubs in the group receive from € 160 thousand to € 1 million.


According to, the average salary of Sheriff players is about € 6 thousand per month. Leading players earn about € 15,000, and the salary of young players is in the area of € 1,000.


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