The story of Alpago, wandering in the legendary atmosphere of Istanbul, is a complete odyssey of his unique bond with the city

The story of Alpago, wandering in the legendary atmosphere of Istanbul, is a complete odyssey of his unique bond with the city. As he moves along the edge of the Bosphorus, step by step, he emerges as a figure reflecting the history of the city with his gray suit and polished shoes. Alpago's story is an in-depth journey of discovery, not just of a person, but of a city and its intertwined history.


He curiously discovers the stories behind each old item in the antique shops he stops in the old streets of Beyoğlu. Every piece that embraces Istanbul's past shows that it has a relationship full of history. By tracing the traces of the past in these old shops, Alpago tries to understand and revive the city's past.


While looking out the window of an old train at Sirkeci Train Station, memories of the past intoxicate him. The clicking of the iron wheels invites him to a journey followed by past experiences. Alpago's inner journey combines with discovering the history of the city on the iron rails of the past.


The streets of Istanbul have turned into a feast of taste for Alpago. While getting lost among the scents of spices, he enjoys discovering the taste of the past in tea gardens and historical coffeehouses. Every cup of tea, every sip of coffee allows one to understand the city's rich culture and history more deeply.


When a musician starts a melody on a street corner in the shadow of the Galata Tower, the rhythm inside Alpago awakens. At that moment, he feels lost in the noise of the city under the spell of music, but at the same time he finds himself.


Alpago's Istanbul adventure is shaped as an in-depth dialogue of not only a man but a city with the past, present and future. There is a different story under every street and every corner, and Alpago embraces these stories and continues to discover the unique beauties of Istanbul. This story is an epic adventure that tells not only a time traveler's city, but also how the city embraces and transforms a time




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In a world filled with countless stories and distractions, your decision to listen to this particular tale is not taken lightly. Your openness to embark on this literary journey has added a layer of depth and significance to the narrative, transforming it from mere words on a page to a shared experience between us.


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