The Story of the Devil in Hell

In a hadith it is explained that when the inhabitants of hell have arrived in hell, there is provided a pulpit , clothes , crown and rope to bind the devil, all of which are made of fire .


Then a voice ordered Satan to go up to the pulpit: "O Satan, go up to the pulpit and speak to the inhabitants of hell."


So he went up to the pulpit and said: "O inhabitants of hell."


Everyone in hell heard his words and looked at their leader .


“O you who disbelieve and the hypocrites , indeed Allah SWT has promised you with a true promise that you will all die and then will be gathered and counted into two groups. One group to heaven and one group to hell Sa'ir. "


The devil said again: “You all thought that all of you would not leave the world even though you all thought that you would remain in the world. I have no power over you but I only annoy all of you."


“Finally all of you followed me, then the sin was for you. Therefore do not curse at me, berate me, on the contrary, swear from yourself, because you are the one who has more right to swear than I do curse..."


"Why don't you want to worship Allah SWT? Whereas He who created all things…”


“Today I cannot save you all from the torment of Allah, and neither will you save me. Verily, on the day that I disobeyed what I had said to you, I was cast out and rejected from the presence of God ."


After the people of hell heard the words of Satan, then they cursed Satan. After that Satan was struck by the Angel Zabaniah with a spear made of fire and he fell to the bottom of the lowest Hell, he remained forever together with those who became his followers.


The angel Zabaniah then said to Iblis and his followers: "There is no death for you all and there is no pleasure for you, you remain in Hell forever."


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