The Stringrays VS Manta Rays And The Red Lipped Batfish

 Stringrays VS Manta Ray

Deep in the ocean, are beautiful and majestic sea creatures about which many mystery facts have began to be discovered. Let's uncover a few fishy facts about them.


~Stringrays are flat, damond-shaped fish with at least one sharp, venomous 'string' or 'barb' under its long, skinny tail. There are around 70 species of stringrays in the world.


~Size - Stringrays may be as small as a few inches or grow up to 5 to 7 feet in length.

~Habitat - Stringrays thrive in shallow waters and warm climate and are found around the globe. Being shy creatures, they spend most of their time hiding on the ocean floor.

~Food - Stringrays are carnivorous and feast on small crabs, molluscs, snails, oysters and clams.

~Defence - Only when a stringray is scared or feels threatened, it uses its sharp string to 'poke' its enemy.


~Are stringrays poisonous to humans?

Human deaths caused by stringray venom are extremely rare, because though the venom results in excruciating pain, it is not usually fatal.


Manta Rays

~Manta rays are the largest rays with flapping triangular fins. They are graceful swimmers and can display interesting acrobatic tricks in the water.


~Size - They measure up to 29 feet in width and weigh as much as 1300 kilograms.

~Habitat - They exist in coral reefs, in temperate to tropical waters worldwide.

~Food - Similar to stringrays, they feed on crustaceans.

~Defence - They are harmless and do not have any stinging spine. Their only defence is flight.  


The Red Lipped Batfish

The Red-lipped Batfish is a marine anglerfish that inhabits the waters surrounding the Galapagos Islands in the tropical eastern Pacific Ocean. The red-lipped batfish is often found on the sand and rubble bottoms near reef edges up to about 120 metres deep. True to their name, they have extremely bright red lips. The body colour of the red-lipped batfish is light brown stripe on top of their head, a white stomach, and skin with large and spiny knobs (a rounded lump). Red-lipped batfish primarily feed on small fish, crustaceans and molluscs. These fish reach up to about 25 centimetres in length. Despite their strange appearance, red-lipped batfish are not harmful to humans. Red-lipped batfish have no direct threats. But, rising sea temperatures and coral bleaching pose a threat, as it would alter its natural habitat and may cause a decline of its  natural food source.

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