The tastiest homemade wings like at KFC!

Ingredients for "Wings like in KFC":
Chicken wings - 1,5 kg
Wheat flour / flour - 500 g
Sweet paprika (2 in marinade and 3 in breading) - 5 tsp.
Chili pepper - 1 tsp.
Salt (1 tsp. salt without the hill for breading) - 1.5 tbsp.
Garlic powder - 2 tsp.
Ginger (dried) - 2 tsp.
Black pepper - 2 tsp.
Coriander - 2 tsp.
Vegetable oil - 500 ml
Water - 3 liters
Turmeric - 2 tsp.
Cooking time: 60 minutes

KFC Wings Recipe:
1. The wings consist of 3 parts, we need only two of them. We don't need the one that is thinnest and without meat. We divide the wings into two parts by a joint.
2. Prepare the marinade. In a saucepan mix: water 100 ml. paprika 2 tsp., coriander, chili pepper, dried garlic, salt, dried ginger, 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil. All the ingredients for marinade, mix and add the wings. Keep in the refrigerator for 5 to 12 hours, stirring occasionally.
3. Prepare breading: in a bowl mix the flour paprika 3 tsp, salt 1 tsp, turmeric 2 tsp, mix.
4. We pour the water into a deep pan, so that it was convenient to lower the wings later.
5. Add 500 ml of odorless vegetable oil to the cauldron, and heat it.
6. Sharp marinade wings dipped in breading, they need to be thoroughly breaded.
7. Wings in breaded coatings transfer to a sieve and dip in water, holding for 30 seconds, then lift the sieve with the wings, and wait until the excess water drains off, and again carefully roll in breaded coatings.
8. Lower the breaded wings into the heated oil and fry until darkened, about 9 minutes.
Place the finished wings on a paper towel or in a bowl. Bon appetit, everyone!


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