The tastiest Olivier: the secrets of making the salad

In the middle of the 19th century in Moscow, at the Hermitage Inn, French chef Lucien Olivier came up with a salad that quickly became known to all Moscow gourmets of the time. The recipe for the salad was kept a big secret and has remained unsolved to this day. It is known that the most delicious salad Olivier included grouse, caviar, veal tongue and crayfish necks.

delicious olivier salad


Today, the traditional salad Olivier usually consists of the usual set of products: boiled potatoes, carrots, pickles, some meat (tongue, chicken, boiled beef or sausage), canned peas, eggs and mayonnaise. But there are countless variations, read about them in our column.


Vegetables for Olivier

Potatoes and carrots do not have to be boiled. Olivier salad will turn out very tasty if the vegetables are steamed or baked in the oven. If you let the cooked vegetables "in jacket" to stand for 8 hours, then it will be easier to cut them into beautiful even cubes.

potatoes and carrots


Cucumbers vary from salted and pickled to fresh. And some use pickled and fresh together. Some insist that cucumbers must be completely peeled, while others insist that the inside with the seeds must be removed.

Cucumbers for Olivier


Onions can be pickled in apple or wine vinegar or replaced with green onions.

To add freshness to the salad, put an apple, less often a pear.

If you replace canned peas with boiled freshly frozen peas, the salad will be more beautiful.

The meat component of the olivier

Olivier salad will be tastier if you include different variations of meat products. Here are collected the most successful.


meat products

If you like olivier with poultry, try the variant with turkey or duck.

Good to use an assortment of meat products: boiled chicken, boiled tongue, baked ham, roast beef, smoked sausage, ham.

Chicken dumplings are added to Kiev Olivier instead of meat or sausage.

Some people sprinkle the salad with fried bacon.

Gourmet versions include quail galantine and crayfish necks.

There are also totally non-meat salad options with boiled calamari or canned tuna. And even with the simultaneous use of crab, squid, and fried scallops.

The most unusual variant is the boiled tongue, savory chiles and butter-fried crab.

Spicy dressing

A very tasty olivier will turn out if you add a few touches to the mayonnaise dressing we already know.


The ideal option is traditional homemade mayonnaise with the addition of chopped capers.

salad dressing


To soften the taste, you can mix mayonnaise with yogurt or sour cream.

For those who like it spicier, you can try dressing the salad with creamy horseradish sauce with sour cream.

A dressing of sour cream with lemon juice, mustard and sugar has also proven itself well.

Serving Olivier

The taste of the salad depends greatly on how it is sliced. The most successful option if all the components are the same size and shape.

Serving a delicious olivier

Serving can be the most varied: the traditional in a salad bowl, in tartlets or cheese baskets, in glasses or in valovans.

Very beautiful looks salad, laid out in layers in a common salad bowl or portioned with a serving ring.


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