The tastiest pancakes you've ever tasted

Banana pancakes are the perfect solution for a delicious and satisfying breakfast or afternoon snack. In fact, they are ordinary pancakes enriched with the powerful flavor and health benefits of banana.


If we try to find a more or less decent banana pancake recipe online, we will find that the recipes, for some unknown reason to me, contain quite a bit of banana and a lot of everything else. In my opinion, to call such pancakes banana pancakes can be very conditional, because both the taste and flavor of bananas in such pancakes will be so insignificant that it is difficult to catch it. So I had to experiment quite a bit to get a great result and truly call the recipe - banana pancakes.



bananas 200 g

150 g flour

milk 150 g

sugar 2 tsp.

1 egg

vegetable oil 30 g

baking powder 1.5 tsp.

salt 2 pinches

The weight of the bananas is peeled; 200 grams is about 2 small bananas or one very large banana.


For this recipe it is better to choose overripe bananas, such as in the photo below. Unlike unripe bananas, they contain a lot of sugar and little starch, as well as a richer banana flavor and aroma.


The amount of leavening agent is explained simply: bananas weigh down the dough quite a bit and it is difficult for the leavening agent to give it a good porous structure, so in baking with bananas, the amount of leavening agent is almost always greater than usual.


We end up with 9 large pancakes with a diameter of 11 cm. If you make pancakes not as large, there will be more.



Prepare all the necessary ingredients to make banana pancakes. It will be ideal if they are room temperature. In this case, the ingredients will combine better with each other. If there is no time for all this "nonsense", then we just heat the milk. We will also need 2 bowls, a fork, a mixer (or a whisk or a regular fork) and, of course, a frying pan.

Banana Pancakes.


In a separate bowl, sift the flour (150 g), add the baking powder (1.5 teaspoon) and mix.

Banana Pancakes


In a large bowl, mash the banana with a fork. I do not advise doing it with a blender, banana literally turns into liquid, and we need a thick mass.

Banana Pancakes


We add the egg, sugar (2 tsp), 2 pinches of salt and vegetable oil (30 g) to the banana and mix thoroughly until the ingredients come together. You can do this with a mixer, a whisk or the same fork.

Banana Pancakes


Warm up a little milk, add to the bowl and stir. Warm up the milk so that the batter is not cold and the ingredients come together well. In particular, so that the sugar dissolves. In addition, if the dough is warm, then the pan will not cool at the moment when we put the dough on it and the pancakes begin to rise immediately and become more puffy.

Banana Pancakes


Add to a bowl the previously prepared flour and baking powder. Mix until homogeneous. The dough is ready, now we will bake the pancakes themselves.

Banana Pancakes



We will bake in a dry pan without adding oil, just because of this, the pancakes turn out so evenly browned and smooth. Another condition for obtaining such a uniform coloring: it is important to use a pan with a flat bottom, without reliefs. A frying pan with a smooth non-stick coating is a good idea. The diameter of the pan can be any, but this determines the number of pancakes you can fry.


Heat the frying pan well on medium-high heat. Using a ladle or large spoon, pour the batter into the hot pan. Pour the batter in the middle of the pancake, it will spread itself. If you need to, flatten a little to make the circles as even as possible. I usually fry one 11-12 cm pancake right in the center of the pan.

Banana Pancakes


When bubbles start to appear on the surface of the poured batter, it's time to flip our pancake. If you've chosen the right stovetop temperature, by the time the bubbles begin to appear, the pancake should no longer be quite liquid on top (otherwise, when you turn the batter will spread out a bit, the pancakes will get crooked), but evenly browned on the bottom. If the bottom of the pancake is beginning to brown, but the top is still quite liquid, then reduce the power of the stove. And vice versa, if it is all baked and the bottom is very light, the heat should be increased. I have the first side baked for 1.5 minutes, the second side for 1 minute.

Banana Pancakes


Fry the pancakes on the back side until just as brown as the first side.

Banana Pancakes


To check if your pancakes are baking well, break one apart and see if there is any raw batter left inside. The break should show that the pancake has baked through and risen evenly.


The banana pancakes are ready! They usually come out with a nice even "tan" on one side only. This is the side up and put the pancakes on a large plate and serve. You can add to the dish everything you like to ordinary pancakes and pancakes. Enjoy your tea party!


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