The teacher quit her job and got rich on candid photos

American Monica Haldt left her teacher and became rich selling her intimate pictures. This writes of The of Sun .

It is noted that back in 2015, a 35-year-old teacher was fired for working as a stripper.

"Day shifts at strip clubs are not very good money, I could hardly find the means to pay rent, let alone buy food. I was exhausted and cried constantly. It was terrible, I was regularly touched and I was physically tired of the constant dancing." , - said the girl.

After this embarrassment, she was forced to move to the United States.

"When I say I had bad times, I mean they were just terrible. I had no money at all, I lived in a dysfunctional area and did not see a way out of this situation," Haldt added.

And already in 2016, Monica began to publish her intimate pictures on the OnlyFans platform. Her income was 200 thousand dollars a month.

"I feel so happy! I am very glad to be where I am. If it were not for OnlyFans, I would be on the street," the woman summed up.


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