The top 10 games that can make real money on the internet.

You can make money on the internet, everyone already knows that. 

There are countless ways to do this. 

But have you ever thought about making real money while having fun? 

There are many games on the internet where you can earn money. 

Some even manage to make a comfortable living with some of them. 

They then become professional players, and in some cases are even sponsored by brands. 

It is not just games of chance, some have a luck factor that can be controlled, others highlight only the skill of the players. 

Here are the top 10 games that can make real money on the internet.


Game # 1: Poker


Online poker is one of the most popular games on the internet. 

It attracts more and more players every year. 

Some play as amateurs for fun, while others become real professionals, make a living online and travel the world to participate in tournaments, riding championships etc. 

Online poker has many advantages such as:


- The possibility of building up a bankroll (capital) starting from scratch. 

There are indeed free tournaments called freerolls, which reward the winners with real money. 

The sums are small, of course, but they have already enabled many players to get started. 

Some professional players have even made it a challenge, managing, for example, to go from 0 to 10,000 € in 6 months, without having invested a single penny.


- The opportunity to learn: poker, like any other discipline, can be learned. 

There are specialized websites and blogs that will teach you the techniques of the best players for free.


- You can practice playing using a play money account


- You can spend as much time and money as you want


- Etc.


Finally, poker is precisely one of the games of chance in which there is the least amount of chance. 

The object is to guess the opponent's hand, and thus counter this luck factor to turn him to his advantage.


Game # 2: Blackjack


Blackjack is a card game played in casinos, and today available in online casinos. 

Unlike poker, this game is totally a game of chance. 

In real casinos, some cheaters once managed to count cards to guess what was to come. 

This is not possible on the internet, since the cards are virtually dispensed by an algorithm. 

If some may be uncomfortable with the idea of ​​a virtual casino, know that for some time there have been online casinos using real dealers, filmed live via a webcam, to distribute the cards of 

black jack.


Game # 3: Roulette


Roulette is another game of chance that is popular with online casino players. 

It also saves money. 

Like all online casino games, you have the possibility of making tests via a fictitious money account, which online casinos also often offer from the start. The principle of the game is simple, a ball 

is launched in a numbered wheel in full rotation. 

The ball will after a while stop in the number box. 

It's up to you to guess in which number, of the 36 possible, the ball will land. 

You can also bet on all odd and even numbers, reds and blacks. 

The best site to play roulette online is Fatboss Casino!


Game # 4: Slot machines


Slot machines are also very popular on the internet. 

They are fun, there are a multitude of them, and they sometimes allow you to unlock the jackpot. 

Some slot machines also offer bonus games. 

If you line up certain symbols, a game is unlocked. 

You play it, and almost every time you win money. 

These small games allow small but sufficient winnings to boost your bankroll and multiply your chances of unlocking the machine's big jackpot.


Game # 5: Scratch games


On the internet, scratch cards are everywhere. 

There are of course on the site of the Française des Jeux, but not only. 

Many online gaming sites offer a plethora of scratch cards. 

While some earn freebies, most earn money. 

Here, instead of scratching a ticket with a coin like you would in a tobacco shop, you scratch your ticket with your mouse. 

It’s silly, but it’s that playfulness that once again appeals to many players, in addition to the chance to make money.


Game # 6: The lottery


To play the lottery on the internet and earn money, you don't necessarily have to go through the FDJ. 

Again, you will find with a simple search many gaming sites that offer daily or weekly lotteries. 

Pay attention when making your choice, to the lots that are offered. 

Some lotteries will earn you freebies or coupons, or loyalty points, while others will earn you real money. 

So it all depends on what you want. 

The goal is above all to have fun!


Game # 7: Contests


Some Internet users spend all their free time hunting and participating in contests. 

These games abound on the web and there is still something for everyone. 

Prizes in contests are sometimes money, but this is quite rare. 

Most often, these are gifts, but sometimes they can reach a very high value. 

Thus, many contests allow you to win cars, trips, household appliances etc. 

Winning a car also means making money, especially since after a while you still have the possibility of selling it and thus earn several thousand euros.


Game # 8: Sports betting


Sports betting is one of those internet gambling games that you can make a living with. 

Many players are already doing this. 

To be successful with sports betting, you need to be passionate about sports, and be an expert in at least one of them. 

Then, you have to familiarize yourself with how sports betting works, the odds system, the different types of bets etc. 

Nevertheless, it is a game in which you can reduce your risks and control your luck thanks to your knowledge of the sport you are betting on.


Game # 9: Paid multiplayer games


Paid multiplayer games are small online games in which you win money if you can beat other players. 

These other players are also real Internet users who try to beat you on their side. 

The different types of games offered by the platforms are numerous. 

There are classic card games like belote, for example, and more fun games, like skill or arcade games.


Game # 10: Video games


Video games have many followers, called "gamers". 

This phenomenon has been around for a long time, and has grown to such an extent that there are now competitions for some video games, especially in Korea. 

This is the case for the Starcraft saga, for example. 

The best Starcraft players have grown into professional, brand sponsored players who earn a regular salary for participating in these contests. 

We can also note that the last tournaments of Fortnite and League Of Legend for example allowed the winners to win several million euros!


In the world of video games, there are also other ways to make a living, such as testing new games before they are released. 

If you yourself are passionate about video games, especially FPS (First Person Shooting) games, know that you can use your talents to earn you money, 

and maybe even to live off it.



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