The top 10 most popular Xiaomi gadgets among customers

1. Mi Band 6. This fitness bracelet was at the top of the list for a reason. It really is a very good gadget. The new model also has a function to track breathing during sleep. 


2. Huo Hou. "Silver" received the Xiaomi electric corkscrew. It comes with a device for trimming corks. The only inconvenience may be that if the gadget runs out of power, you will have to look for a micro USB cable. 


3. Yunmai Meavon. This is a very handy body massager with four attachments included. It is very compact and handy. It costs 5 990 rubles. 


4 Soocas Sonic X5 Pink. This is two in one: an electric toothbrush and a facial massager. In Natasha's opinion, 2.5 thousand rubles for such an accessory is the perfect price. However, it might be inconvenient to charge the gadget, because it is connected to power via USB - there is no special stand. 


5. Makeup Mirror. This is a mirror with backlighting and a simple design. It is possible to adjust the brightness level.


6. Filament Bulb. This is a smart bulb. It is possible to adjust its brightness and lighting modes in a mobile app. Her light is only yellow. 


7. Xiaomi Xiao Zuo XZ-D1. A cup with a heated pad. The plate itself heats up quickly, but the water in the mug stays cold for a long time. That is, this gadget is more needed to maintain the temperature of an already hot drink. 


8 . Yeelock Smart Drawer Switch. Smart lock, which is installed on the furniture. You can control the device through an application on your smartphone. The price of the gadget - 2 thousand rubles. 


9. Bebird. Smart ear wand. Created to clean the ears. There is a small camera installed inside, with which you can see through a mobile application what is in the ears. The device comes with 10 nozzles, as well as several ear massage tips. 


10. Smart Frog. This is a clothes dryer in the form of a clothes hanger. It has two options of "hangers": rigid and flexible. Also you can adjust the direction of air flow and temperature. Its price is also pleasant: only 1.5 thousand rubles.


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