The Top 10 Ways To Make Money On Twitter

The Top 10 Ways To Make Money On Twitter


Social platforms are giving plenty of opportunities to earn money and Twitter is no different. Do you know how to earn money on twitter? Trust me , We can.

How to Find Ways to Earn Money on Twitter

If you are new to this game, I'd like to suggest you follow these golden rules to earn money. 1. Tweets are mostly paid. Tweeting for free is one of the wrong ways of making money. You could try targeting advertisers, but you'll still face the challenge of ad fraud and that's a waste of time. The better option is to reach out to people that would want to pay you to post tweets about their products and services. 2. If you are serious about making money, just link your Twitter and Instagram accounts. I know it sounds like you'll have to login to your other accounts, but it doesn't matter. The world's second most popular social media platform is quite easy to use. A simple click on Twitter logo and you're in. Add your Instagram account and all the money will come in.


How to Monetize Twitter

You can monetize your Twitter account by: Do a giveaway Tweet about your blog Share the post that you shared of other. You can offer some of your products for free or sell them for a low price but Don't forget to reach your followers. Tweet your followers about it. Why Should You Do This? Tons of people use Twitter for following celebs and news, besides these there are so many other ways to make money on twitter. You can find some like this one from Twitter Accounts who have made over $1 million off their Tweets and it doesn't really surprise me because if we remember it is just a simple account but it can be very lucrative. The Top 10 Ways to Make Money On Twitter Here is the list of top 10 ways to make money on Twitter. Twitter contests.


How to Get Twitter Followers

How to Get Followers on Twitter – Basics So far, Twitter is not paying you to promote your products and services, but if you can attract 100 people to your account, that's a new client. Increase your Twitter Followers by 35% with Paid Ads How to Use Facebook Ads to Sell Products on Facebook "Get 30K Facebook Fans in 6 Months!" It's not so easy, but its working. How to Get Twitter Followers: Key Points Now, if we do know how to increase our twitter followers, we also know how to promote our products.


How to Make Money on Twitter

Follow these simple steps to make money on twitter . Let's jump right to the point Instagram Another Social Media Networking Platform Instagram's total number of active users have surpassed 600 million and monthly active users have hit 400 million. Now lets face it, Instagram has been the most undervalued social network on the net. Also, Instagram is the second most popular platform when it comes to mobile usage . For creating and maintaining relationships on Instagram you need to understand the concept of Instagram's high number of tags. This word means various activities such as uploading and posting pictures and videos. So you can be branded or be known as a "artist" and still make money on Instagram. Check this video to understand Instagram tags and profiles .


How to Make Money on Twitter for Beginners

To get started make sure that you have a banner ad account before you can start earning money. Twitter has recently changed their banner ad policy and thus, if you have a banner ad account with any other company before this changes then your banner ad will be automatically blocked .So, make sure that you have your Twitter account set up before November 20th. Here are some of the tips that will make money on Twitter Tip #1: Add 5-7 interesting tweets to your twitter You can earn between $1-$5 per tweet. Make sure you stick to your niche and make sure that you do not spam your tweet with links to or or anything else. You can see them by searching your name and you can also type in keywords and search for twitter companies.



It doesn't really matter whether you have a big following or a small following.


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