The Top 3 Canine Behavior Problems And How To Solve Them Part 1

A word about dogs, and one of the top 3 dog behavior problems; Barking profusely


The dogs are amazing; Ask any of the millions of dog owners around the world. They make wonderful companions, loving, obedient, protective, manipulative and obedient. Well, most of the time anyway.


Like humans, no dog is perfect - including my treasured poodle, Muffy. He was surprisingly calm and composed, especially considering his racial type. And she has been a good friend of mine for almost 14 years. However, it has its drawbacks. We all do.


In addition, it is important for new dog owners to understand the differences between dogs and humans. Identifying differences can help employers balance expectations and keep them realistic.


Some behavior is suggested; The dog is congenital and common to the population. Their ways are not our ways. We cannot punish a dog for being a dog. It can be unrealistic, for example, to expect a dog not to be interested; Not sniffing, defending their territory or exploring in the open ground and "loosely biting". People who do not accept the dog's normal behavior should not have a dog.


Other behaviors are learned in dogs - either due to past experiences or due to negligence towards humans. Case in point: a mother dog will not hesitate to teach her puppies acceptable social skills and proper manners. She corrects and disciplines the puppy when needed.


However, we take the human puppy away from its discipline - its mother, and adopt it into our home. When a puppy bites, chews our hands or chews on things they should not do, we do not hesitate to discipline him. Because we think he's too young for discipline or because he's still **** handsome! Only when the puppy grows up and bad behavior develops will we decide to do something.


When it comes to problematic dog behavior problems, three are very important: excessive barking, biting and jumping on people. In this 3-part dog behavior and modification training information, we will address each behavioral problem individually.


Barking profusely


Dogs can bark a lot for a variety of reasons: boredom, loneliness and neglect of being alone is one of the main reasons.


You have some control over your dog's boredom and loneliness. In addition to a warm shelter, plenty of food and a supply of clean water, dogs and puppies need fun and exercise to stay happy and avoid boredom.


Toys and chewing toys made for dogs help keep the dog entertained. It is also important to spend time with your dog to play and exercise. A happy, contented dog is not fit to bark excessively.


When it comes to being alone, your dog needs to learn to accept being alone without any fuss. Neighbors are more angry than they are when they hear someone else's dog barking incessantly.


If a dog barks profusely for no good reason, the famous dog loyalty trainer and author Jerry Claymer suggests you go to him and wrap your arm around his muzzle; Forced, but not enough to cause pain. Shut his mouth and say "Shut up!" If he tries to be different, be more assertive and powerful. Close his mouth and quickly tap his nose with your finger, again "Shut up!" After he stops yelling and becomes quiet, praise him


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