The uniqueness of the Tokyo revenge anime

3 Reasons You Should Watch Anime Tokyo Revengers

All of these factors certainly make the Tokyo Revengers anime able to grab the attention of many people. Even so, there are still those who feel foreign to this anime and then hesitate to watch it. Well, for those of you who still have doubts, there are 3 reasons that make you have to watch the Tokyo Reveners anime.

1.Adopting the Exciting Gang Battle Theme

For those of you who claim to like anime with the action genre, you should not miss this Tokyo Reveners anime. The reason is because the Tokyo Reveners anime has an exciting action theme. It's not just action but action that involves fighting between school gangs. With that theme, it is certain that there will be a lot of fierce battles that will occur in this anime. Teenage-style fighting will make you unable to let go of your attention when you watch the first episode

2.Telling a Unique Time Travel Story

You are wrong if you think that the Tokyo Revengers anime is only about fighting between school gangs. Get ready to be surprised because Tokyo Revengers comes with a much more unique story than that. The uniqueness offered by Tokyo Revengers is to present the story of time travel in the story. So the story will tell that the main character, who is 26 years old, faces the harsh reality that the girl he had a crush on since high school was actually murdered by a criminal gang.

In that sadness, it turns out that he fell onto the train tracks. Strangely, he then wakes up in the past when he was still in high school. Finally, he decided to team up with his friends to destroy a gang. This was done to prevent the girl he loved from being killed in the future. Very unique and fun isn't it?

3.Being Trending in Indonesia

As for the last reason, you should watch Tokyo Revengers is because this anime is trending on Youtube Indonesia. Just imagine, the first episode of this anime managed to rank third trending Youtube Indonesia. Of course this further confirms that many people are really curious about this anime. Moreover, in the near future, the live action of this anime will be released soon.

All the reasons that have been described above clearly make you not to miss this Tokyo Reveners anime. Especially with the variety of excitement and uniqueness it offers.


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