The United States is slammed by climate migration

Climate migration has already begun in the United States. But only for those who can afford it. Wealthy Americans are leaving areas suffering from natural disasters. While the rich are moving to safer areas, poorer people are buying up the homes they leave behind. According to a recent study, almost half of all U.S. residents planning to move do so because of extreme weather conditions. Leading the exodus is California, where fires and droughts have gone from abnormal events to annual events. "In California, yes, there are large-scale fires and power outages, and in general, the standard of living there is falling quite dramatically. Indeed, there is a mass exodus from that state. Some are going to Colorado, some to Texas, some to Nevada, some to the north, to Oregon," explains Malek Dudakov, an American political scientist. Cataclysms are reshaping the real estate market. 79 percent of Americans said they would not buy homes in areas where natural disasters are on the rise. Almost the same percentage of those surveyed don't want to live in extreme heat or in regions with rising sea levels. "By 2100, the U.S. coast as a whole is expected to be flooded. Major cities like Miami-Dade County or New York City, they will be under water. In this case, we will be talking about tens of millions of people who will have to move to the interior states of America," says Malek Dudakov, an American political scientist. Migration on the North American continent is not just internal. Last year, a million and a half people crossed the U.S. border illegally. We don't have to go far to look for examples. The most recent migration scandal was caused by the influx of refugees from Haiti. The White House's decision to deport them drew sharp criticism from human rights activists. Scientists believe that the weather factor is increasingly forcing people to move. A U.N. report was released this week. It says that already by 2050 the number of climate migrants on the planet will exceed 200 million people. The mass movement of people will be due to a lack of fresh water, drought and floods. "Climate migration largely affects agricultural type countries, which are located in Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, and of the regions closest to us is Central Asia, which is also very exposed to these changes," explains Natalia Makovetskaya, an expert on sustainable development of Baikal Communications Group. Russia may also become the center of the inflow of climate migrants. From the already mentioned Central Asia and other, mostly southern, directions. And even if now these processes are not so visible, mankind is already on the verge of one of the largest resettlements of peoples in history. The problem of climate migrants will only worsen over time. The fact is that the current rate of global warming is low. And, in fact, humanity is left with only one way to rapidly cool the planet - by controlling the flow of solar energy to the Earth. Theoretically, this mechanism has long been developed. Back in the last century, scientists noticed that large volcanic eruptions are followed by a global cooling that lasts for several years. This is caused by ash clouds entering the stratosphere and reflecting the sun's rays back into space. A similar effect can be achieved by spraying aerosol clouds of artificial origin into the atmosphere. In this way, less energy would be delivered to the surface of the planet. But on the other hand, these clouds can create a greenhouse effect by trapping the Earth's own thermal radiation. Geoengineering projects are hotly debated in the scientific community. Controlling the influx of solar radiation is real. And it is not that expensive. But the consequences of such intervention are unpredictable. What will happen if the artificial aerosol protection suddenly disappears? And it doesn't matter for what reason. The temperature rise on the planet would be rapid. And there would be no way to stop it. Well, that's something to think about.


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