The ups and downs of Matt Riddle's WWE caree


The ups and downs of Matt Riddle's WWE career

Dude, former WWE Superstar Matt Riddle. His career repertoire is better than that of 99 of the superstars signed with the company. He was a real breakthrough in independent wrestling after moving to MMA, an NXT tag team champion who regularly featured as a star on Monday Night Raw, won multiple championships, and was a successful Hall of Fame partner who would soon become the great Randy Orton of all time. Despite all this, it suddenly became a downward spiral and an inevitable release from the company.

What happened to Matt Riddle when so many things went right?

Why did your WWE career end so suddenly?

To answer this question, we have to go back a bit. My name is Ismail. Comment below and let me know what you think. You may not know that this riddle fellow was once a UFC fighter and did something no UFC fighter would want to do. Making UFC President Dana White angry. Remember this because it will be really important later. Dana White is not at all happy with Matt Riddle. Dana White's opinion of Matt Riddle has never cooled in years, and he has made it clear that he has no regrets about firing him from the UFC because he tested so many types of cannabis. Under various regulations, UFC fighters are regularly drug tested, and before 2021, there was no relaxed approach to marijuana use. As a result, two of his UFC wins were overturned due to positive post-fight tests. Dana White grew tired of him and solved the conundrum with a predictably dominant personality throughout his fighting career, jumping into the world of professional wrestling and finding instant success. news in the independent wrestling arena. At the time, the indie scene was going through a major boom, and he came in at the right time and place, competing in some of the biggest promotions in the country, including PWG, the largest promotion in the country towards progress, and more. Reportedly, there was interest from New Japan Pro Wrestling, which signed him to team with Jeff Cobb due to the Japanese taboo on marijuana use. They chose not to put him in. Come on, Matt Riddle. With his MMA background and his strong style, it would be something else. There was much speculation in the internet wrestling community about whether or not Riddle would join the class of big names being scooped up from the independent circuit by WWE nxt at the time and Riddle's questionable situations with the UFC Dana White, and all that was going to be something that kept him from the WWE. He was a real hit when he joined the black and gold NXT brand and had a very strong 2-year run there. He got one of the quickest wins in nxt history, with his debut taking out cashes ono, now known as chris hero once again in 6 seconds and was a part of the teen nxt one-off, triple brand survivor series at 2019 and guess who he eliminated his future tag team partner, randy orton he began to dabble in and out of the main began to dabble in and out of the main roster and one off appearances like the royal rumble, but his nxt run came to a close with a tag team title run before he transitioned to the main roster, and it wasn't too long before things took off for riddle on the main roster after a quick stint on smackdown, he was drafted to raw and by the turn of 2021, he found himself in the united states championship title picture, although it seemed like keith lee was the one position to defeat bobby lashley for the title, elimination chamber, an injury took him out and it was riddle who ultimately benefited by becoming the new us champion, it was pretty cool spot to see him in in his first wrestlemania 11 months after his main roster debut, he faced the living legend Sheamus. It really didn't matter because that loss—because he was still at his first wrestling mania—showed that bigger things were expected for him in the future, and when we say bigger things, we're referring to Randy Orton, because that's the direction it was going. Because he was still at his first post-Wrestlemania 37 with the RK Bro storyline, it turned out to be one of the best things that happened to his career, and it directly benefited Randy Orton too. They aren't the first ball partnership we've ever seen in WWE, but they might be one of the best. Yes,  Riddle is like a brother, and Randy and Orton are both serious and disasters. It's a really good mix of personalities, and it also makes for some really good team matches. It immediately became the company's most popular tag team, next to the Usos. Despite an injury that kept Randy Orton out of action for 7 weeks, he returned in time, allowing them both to win the Raw Tag Team Titles at Summerslam. Not long after, the crowd also began to return, and you can see a trend. Once again, this is the perfect time for Riddle to appear on screen. Riddle's career will probably be better than he expected. This was only seven years after his wrestling debut, but behind the scenes, there was a lot of upheaval going on in Riddle's personal life that didn't really mesh with his professional life. Her marriage at that time was not very strong, and this was made public on social networks. He would retain the Raw Tag Team Titles with Wrestlemania 38 ordered at a career-defining moment, but at the same time he was going through a divorce. retains the Raw Tag Team Titles with Riddle has the awareness and etiquette of someone who lives a wild life on the road, and that has certainly carried over to his personal life, and much of it aired on social media, which made it even more amplified. There has also been a very public accusation against Riddle from a woman he briefly dated and who is in a very complicated legal situation. This is not this page! So we won't go into it too much. Randy Orton's injury brought an unfortunate end to RK Bro's story. Yes. We never had that great singles match between the two of them that everyone thought was brewing inside. between the two of them and the others. His next big agenda is against him. Seth Rollins saw the visionary directly address Riddle's personal issues and quoted him from episode to episode. Let's talk about your wife and family. Oh, wait You don't have one because your wife divorced you; you took your kids away because they don't want to see your butt anymore; that's not very nice. Or you're awake, brother; where are you? Where are you? It was also around this time that Riddle couldn't help but admit that his personal life was taking a toll on him, and it was a high-profile divorce. He told Cory Graves on the After the Bell podcast that it had been a rough couple of years, but it was only going to go downhill from there too. After getting written off TV courtesy of a Samoan-style assault from Solo Sakoa, it was revealed that Riddle had failed a drug test and was being sent to rehab to deal with those issues. It seemed like a good time for him to be away from the spotlight while he got his life in order and got healthier. But what was weird was the situation was the fact that his 60 day suspension meant that he was going to be dealing with his second suspension and, and the first was never really announced he took a few months off and before returning after wrestlemania, he was instantly slotted back against the bloodline, before failing to topple gunther on his intercontinental championship throne, his last story in wwe saw him team up with drew mcintyre and what many thought would be the transitional program for drew to become a bad guy at riddle's expense and right around this time in 2023 he had an unfortunate publicized incident at an airport in new york city, with a l, la enforcement official accusing him of sexually assaulting him, not too long after that, a tmz video emerged showing riddle at the same airport in a questionable state, causing a scene that brought into conflict things. He was posting about it on social media, and it just wasn't good enough, not how to fly.

it's just a matter of knowing when it will arrive. Don't let him go if the day comes when he is fired from the company on September 22, 2023, marking the unfortunate end of a career that still has a lot of potential. Miss. We mentioned Dana White earlier; a day after the airport incident, the WWE-UFC merger under the Tko Holdings group became official. Dana White and Vince Mahon instantly went from old rivals to business partners. Some people, including legendary wrestling journalist Bill Apter, have speculated that the merger and Daniel White's position may have been one of the reasons Matt Riddle was fired.

Considering all the negative things going on with him outside of the ring and the tensions between Riddle and Dana White in the past, considering all this is going on. But this is just speculation, but the key word here is that, as we said before, Dana White has cooled off a lot and doesn't seem to care much anymore, which is a mystery too. He is openly expressing that he is happy for his success while retaining a position he has no regrets about.

This decision and his departure from the UFC in the first place, although Dana White is not exactly the most popular figure among UFC fans, The decision to get rid of Riddle makes a lot more sense. Looking back, Riddle's departure from WWE was different from the others. What fans will say is unfair or just emotional. This is something everyone saw coming, and we all understand that it's just a little bit sad and disappointing. We gave Mata chance after chance and pushed him into personal troubles that occurred in his life. It simply became too much and affected his professional life. Let's be honest, he's not the first to get into public trouble like this in WWE, and he can't be the last.

That's part of life at this level. With a lot of pressure. If social media existed in the 1990s, it might have been predicted by fans the same way this happened. But when we have to watch a video on TmZ in this day and age, where everyone is connected to each other, with a big name in their company having a scene like this at the airport, it's not hard to understand why.

Why do they feel differently about it?

and everyone is the same in this era. Well, that's the world now. Ultimately, the incident at the airport was the straw that broke the camel's back, and his personal issues are something that can hopefully be resolved. We can see the conundrum. We've already seen what he can become in WWE. After all, going forward, WWE will always have a never-say-never mentality, and other names have been able to recover from similar circumstances to become some of the all-time greats. What is your favorite riddle, match, or moment? Let us know in the comments.



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