The use of technology in the education of childrens


Long ago, the word  illiteracy  designated a single thing, a saber, the non-comprehension of the set of signs that order the alphabet of the language as the system and the inability to use those signs as the means of written communication. However, the era of the traditional text has given way to this digital age that demands of people, just as it was once required to know how to read and write; Know how to master and apply different basic tools of computer science, to say an example.


It is thus, that a group of people do not know, a variety of causes, not only the peripheral parts of the teams but also their elementary programs, will be said to be a  "technological illiterate" . Therefore, it is not surprising that early on they become educated in the correct use of new technologies, specifically computers, to encourage their skills and tastes in this field and even for related professions.

Technology in education processes.

Currently, new generations need the articulation of technology with education to motivate exploration, inquiry and access to information that may be crucial for their development process. Therefore, having a healthy intervention from both parents and teachers, based on communication and teaching, is what we must pay special attention to when developing activities that incorporate the use of innovative platforms.


The current challenge is to empower youth to awaken their creativity and be passionate about their education and growth, which creates a challenge for parents and educators, since it is necessary that through the responsible and conscious use of technology, encourage the interest of the minors to learn in a connected way, respecting and giving the same importance to the moments of disconnection.


"It is important to link the different skills that you want to develop with questions and concerns that generate that curiosity in children, with examples of real life, to associate them with a specific digital content. Children who interact with technology in a moderate way show positive academic results ", adds Leonardo González.


Technological kits for the smallest of the house

This relatively new market for children includes a range of technology offers, of which we will list some:

KitROBOT:  It is a  company that offers different robots , in the form of insects whose limbs can be handled remotely; cultivating a taste for robotics in the little ones. They also include software that allows the modification in the operation of these devices.

Robot Group-Plobot:  This signature gives the option of giving robots to orders, with which simple prototypes can be assembled, and is designed for classrooms so that children are encouraged to assemble robots in groups. In addition, in the case of Plobot, it comes with cards or a chip from which the child can give orders to the robot.

Kano:  this is a kit that allows you to create computers, which are assembled with the parts you bring: doodle wifi, keyboard, TV connector, among others.

Bitsbox:  What to do?

The inventor of MIT applications:  contains a series of codes for children manipulated to create various applications.


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