The Way to Happiness: 7 Bridges You Must Build

Bridge to Happiness #1: Gratitude


What's more in your life, gratitude to the World, or complaints about it?


The more grateful you are for everything that happens, the more your life is filled with value. You thank the world simply for what it is. After all, you live and you can manifest yourself and reveal your highest qualities! So the world becomes filled with great meaning. Gratitude makes your life joyful and meaningful.


By the way, the more you give thanks, the more you find reasons to be grateful. You are literally filled with this magical feeling. And life turns into an endless stream of pleasant impressions and opportunities!


So - give thanks! Give thanks to life! Look for reasons for gratitude and opportunities to express it. Gratitude is a healing power. It is truly the path to grace.


And if you go down the road of complaining to the world and to life - then you will fall into an abyss of meaningless and joyless existence...

The Bridge to Happiness #2: Responsibility


Do you take responsibility for your own life, or do you constantly pass it on to someone else?


After all, your life today is the result of your choices yesterday. And your life tomorrow will be the result of the choices you make today. Your every thought, word, and action creates certain consequences - along with responsibility for them. So the way to being the creator of your life is through responsibility.


It is responsibility that creates your true freedom. As long as you make other people or circumstances responsible for your own life, you depend on them. If you think that someone else is responsible for what happens in your life, it means that everything has been decided for you. You automatically sign your own helplessness. And where is your freedom?


The more responsibility for your life you accept, the freer you become. The more you are its creator.


When you take full responsibility for your life - you are truly free. Accepting Responsibility creates Freedom in your life.


The temptation of shifting responsibility is very great. Just remember: the more you take it off yourself, the more you slip into slavery, into constant dependence on people and circumstances.

Bridge to Happiness #3: Awareness


How consciously do you live your own life?


Do you choose your thoughts, or do the thoughts come to you? Do you really choose your own words and actions or are you just unconsciously reacting to events that come into your life? Do you follow your own programs, like a machine, obediently reacting to the push of a button? And, in general, to what extent do you notice the world around you?


Awareness gives you access to the discovery of your own self. It gives you back your authenticity by removing the layers of stereotyped thinking, internal programs and attitudes created during your life, dependence on the opinions of various authorities and the need to follow the accepted rules of society. Perhaps the best formula for conscious living was given by the Buddha:


Don't believe what has been around for a long time and is common in many countries. Don't believe what others do, repeating it over and over again. Don't believe what a wise man says. Don't believe what is written in scripture. Don't believe what seems possible. Don't believe your fantasies and dreams sent down to you from heaven. Don't believe anything a teacher or a monk says. Believe only what you have experienced through long deliberation, what has proved right for you, what coincides with your sense of the good.


Being conscious, you choose your thoughts, words, and actions. You create your own state. You can create yourself. You can be consciously self-creating. And without awareness, you will be created by the circumstances around you. And your true self will remain unrevealed.


Awareness brings your authenticity back, giving you the opportunity to discover your true self.

Bridge to Happiness #4: Generosity


What is more in your motivation - the desire to give or the desire to receive?


Do you want to share because you're full and abundant, or do you want to take because you don't have enough? Simply put, are you generous or stingy? And it's not just about material things. It's about the energy that you give to the world in all kinds of forms.


Sincere giving of energy to the world always leads you along the path of creative creation. Work for good. And the result of this creative work will be, among other things, the most various benefits that you receive from the world. You will receive them harmoniously, in a natural way. Because one of the laws of energy of the Universe says: the more you give, the more you receive.


But what if the desire to take outweighs the desire to give in your life? Then you will be reluctant to give your talents and energy to the world. The joy of creative work will not touch you. You will hardly love sharing anything, and like a hamster you will strive to stockpile everything - material goods, money, love... In short, you separate yourself from the world, and ignore the universal laws of energy. In this case, the fall into the abyss of need is inevitable.


Generously giving your energy to the world is the way of creation. This is why Generosity leads you to Abundance. 

Bridge to Happiness #5: Positivity


How do you perceive the world? Do you see every problem as an opportunity, or do you see every opportunity you encounter as a problem?


In one case, when faced with a problem, you think, "Oh! That's a signal for me! Now I'm going to figure out why it happened and what I need to change - first of all, in myself! I'm going to take action!"


Other times, when opportunity knocks on your door, you think, "So much effort... And there's no telling what problems and issues will come up in the process... It's not worth it to even start!"


Is your reality leading you forward on the ladder of opportunity, or is it shackling you with an endless chain of problems? This is a key question for realizing your potential, for your own growth.


By paying attention to possibilities, you are interacting with these very aspects of the world, giving them your own energy and distinguishing them from the infinite potential of the universe. Your state simply creates opportunities. And so their number in your life increases.


It's exactly the same with problems. The more you perceive things around you as problems, the more problems really come into your life.  And as a result, sooner or later you will find yourself at the bottom of despair, entangled in an endless chain of problems.


The ability to see in every problem an opportunity, to see in all the twists and turns of life a way to develop, grow and transform - that's true optimism! Genuine optimism is not about wandering in the clouds and ignoring reality, but about the firm conviction that every situation in your life is an opportunity. An opportunity to move, to express your true self. In a state of true optimism, you broadcast to the World: "I am ready to move forward! Everything in my life gives me the opportunity to do so!"


Positivity creates opportunities in your life.

Bridge to Happiness #6: Mercy


How do you relate to people? Which wins - compassion and a sincere wish for happiness, or condemnation of some of their values, words, actions, and sometimes their whole life?


The basis of true mercy is respect for a person's journey and recognition of their right to be themselves, their right to make mistakes and to seek. The divine essence lies at the core of each of us. And each of us wants to be happy. But everyone has a different understanding of happiness - depending on the level of consciousness. And that's why in the process of searching for one's happiness we often harm others... All these terrible actions and deeds are the fruits of ignorance and unconsciousness. "Forgive them, O Lord, for they know not what they do!"


Mercy is based on knowing and feeling the divine essence contained within everyone-no matter how far one has strayed from it in daily life.


Do you think that each person's life, the path he or she has taken, is worthy of respect or compassion? Even if it is full of darkness, are you willing to have compassion?


Do you believe in people, or at least want to believe in them? Or are you filled with judgment, thinking yourself the bearer of absolute truth and impeccable moral character?


Mercy and kindness to people and the world lead you from respect to co-feeling. To a sense of Oneness.


Condemnation leads to feelings of superiority, pride, and as a result, loneliness.


It is important to understand that you can only respect others and their right to be on their own way if you recognize your own right to be on your own. Acknowledge the Divine in yourself! Allow yourself to be you, and others to be others...

Bridge to Happiness #7: Inner Honesty


How honest are you with yourself? Do you look at yourself holistically, or do you prefer to ignore things? Do you see all your feelings and manifestations, your own light and shadow aspects?


This is the final, seventh bridge, but if you don't step on it, the progress on the others may be an illusion. Only inner honesty gives you a solid foundation for change. You can never change what you choose to ignore. If you lie to yourself about your own gratitude, responsibility, and awareness-it's quite possible that you're not walking on a bridge, but rolling into an abyss.


Being honest with yourself gives you tremendous inner strength.


That power is in the absence of illusion. You accept yourself for who you are. You know exactly what qualities you can rely on, and where you need to go. So inner honesty is the key to your spiritual growth.


And lack of honesty plunges you into an illusory world. In this world of illusion you are powerless. You are engaged in a perpetual struggle with windmills.


By the way, honesty with yourself will inevitably lead you to be sincere to the outside world as well. Stop lying to yourself, and sooner or later you will stop lying to others.


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