The World of Education today

Education in the world is the most important thing that we as humans has to take into consideration. It has helped people to secure job  and also secure them. Many  people nowadays are fighting to have better education. The application of the learned skills in our normal life  it in turn improve the living standards  of people . Through education and dreams people create the unexpected , they come up with brilliant ideas that saves lives .

One grows his or her education  in there life time education does not end.  Education is not preparation of life but it is life itself. Without education we can't  do anything . Education also is not about going to school  everytime one learns from his  or her environment . This  is the reason why education does not end  until one dies . 

Education starts when one is bored as  he or she  is educated how to feed ,  how to dress , speak, walk and many more. In education our mothers are the first teachers a, they educate us every step  in our lives . And they're supposed to be appreciated for that. 

Our environment in the world enable us to learn different ways to live with people and also learn there culture . This is proven as people get to know languages of other communities as they live together  . Maybe you ask yourself why  know other people's language unknowingly .  

Education is life , what if you didn't learn how to speak  and many other things  , how would your life be . Even animal learn  from their parents hence they know how to live in there environment . They come to know the dangers facing them and how to live by it . 

We as human beings in the world we must fight to have this education , so that we may fight global warming and many other challenges facing the world


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