The world's shortest cat: Pixel

The adorable kitty with the funny name Pixel claims to be in the Guinness Book of World Records. Her owner Tiffany Kjeldergaard, who lives in the USA, says that at the moment she is the owner of the shortest cat. Now the height of her pet, which is a representative of the breed Munchkin, only about 12 cm.
The breed of the Munchkin is considered new, it was recognized by the International Cat Association only in 1995. Cats of this breed have small, short paws, so their height usually does not exceed 15 centimeters, while in the normal cat these figures are much more - 20-25 centimeters. It is believed that this breed arose due to a genetic mutation. As soon as the first Munchkins appeared, many people were sure that members of this breed were bound to have health problems.
However, Tiffany says that this is not true. She believes that we should not believe the claims of people who, she says, do not understand genetics, this breed is not a genetic defect. The woman argues that they are normal cats, because people can be both tall and short and have different eye colors. But they do cause some problems. For example, Tiffany cautions that people who have a munchkin should not close the refrigerator door too quickly, because the pet can stick its head in, and the owner will not notice it and pinched it, and also be careful not to walk in the apartment and step on the cat. Nevertheless, the woman is sure that cats of this breed are so cute that they can't help but like them, even if a person is indifferent to animals.
Now the owner and her pet are waiting for the moment when they will be entered into the Guinness Book of World Records. Its representatives should check the age of the cat and register the record. If all goes well, Pixel will keep her family's tradition, because in 2012 her mother, a cat named Fizz, was recognized as the record holder. At the moment the palm belongs to a cat named Paradise (13.59 cm).


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