The zero tolerance for bullying policy

Bullying can happen anywhere at any time. Even on the internet. Bullying can also happen to anyone, from kindergarten to high school. This could happen to your children or your grandchildren. It could have even happened to you.

I was bullied from elementary school all the up to the end of middle school. In high school people would laugh at me behind my back and I really didn't care by that point because I heard so much worse when I was younger.

I wrote a letter to the state of Virginia board of education and got a reply last month. I'm not doing this ant bullying crusade for myself but for my little cousin, and future generations. I dream of a word where there are books in elementary school libraries explaining mental health disorders. Like bipolar, autism, adhd, ect.  

Because we as grown ups have been blinded by protecting our children from  people different from others, people like me. For example, I started school when I was two years old, no not because I was smart. I had some intelligence, but I needed extra help.

I was verbal, but I was and still am developmentally delayed. Nowadays it's not as bad as it was when I was a kid. I was called all sorts of names, and I told teachers. They apparently made my bullies more irritated. I was outcasted. I had very few friends.

But like I said, this crusade is not about me anymore, I graduated high school in 2016, and now I believe someone, has to stand up to the school board and give suggestions on how to prevent and train staff to know the signs of bullying.


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