There is black mineral water in the world

Blk has created the world's first black mineral water. It is non-caloric, non-carbonated, and has recently been available for $2.3 a bottle.


In an interview the producers of the water confirmed the fact that the mineral water is really completely black. Many people had doubts about the purity of its color, because how much slyness was on the part of the producers of the same "black tulips", because in fact the black color was never achieved. The dark purple color of the flower was called "black".


The interesting thing is that the new black mineral water does not contain any nutrients or coloring agents. According to its properties, this is ordinary water with the exception of fulvic acid, a natural antioxidant of humus origin. They give such an unusual color to a quite ordinary drink.


In addition to brightness, the new water is also useful. It contains a large amount of electrolytes and trace elements that will ensure excellent well-being throughout the day.


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