There's WFH, and then there's WFH with a puppy in need

There's WFH, and then there's WFH with a puppy in need.


Hand licks, paws to the face, and finger nibbles are all part of my day-to-day work life with my puppy.


My furry closest pal, Arlo Moon

My child is Arlo Moon. He's unique in that he has four legs, is furry, doesn't speak decent English, and has a tail, but he's still my son. And, in case you're wondering, yes, I am a crazy dog person who spoils Arlo and prefers his companionship to almost everyone else's. And, because I'm completely remote, I get to spend every day with Arlo (which I wouldn't trade for anything).


Arlo and Momma

Arlo is a mixed-breed mini-sheltie, but don't tell him. He believes he is a Great Dane or a Bernese Mountain Dog capable of taking on any dog. Arlo is a spunky, self-assured, and protective dog. He also has an unbeatable disposition. But underneath it all, he's the sweetest, most loving little man you'll ever meet.


He's a rambunctious little boy who won't let me start my day without first taking a morning walk, eating his breakfast, and chasing him around the house while pretending to steal his toys. If I'm particularly tired, he climbs into the back seat of my car and drives to Starbucks, where he gets his morning treat while Momma gets her energy boost (a cafe vanilla bean frappuccino with an additional shot). Espresso keeps me going).


Arlo's neediness is one of my favourite characteristics. Arlo needs my attention and love whether I'm sleeping, working, working out, or eating. So, if I don't stick to this morning routine, he tells me it's unacceptable. Here's how to do it:


He paws at my chest to grab my attention, then paws my face if it doesn't work. Another reminder that his claws need to be trimmed (and I do mean claws). But, seriously, take a look at that face. How could I be angry with him? Every time, I cave in.

If I'm working on the couch, he lays across my keyboard. If I'm at my desk, he rushes up and begins licking or play-biting my fingers "These hands were designed solely for caressing. Pay attention to what I say!" With the face once more.

He gives you a harsh glare. He knows I can't resist that expression, so this is arguably the most distracting move of all. We usually end up playing with his toys, going for a little walk, or chasing each other around the flat for a few minutes as a result.

On-the-job cameos. I believe it's quite clear that Arlo needs to be the focus of attention at this point. Even when I'm on a Webex call, that doesn't change. He enjoys the chants of "He's so cute!" and the attention he receives. It's his own personal red carpet, and he can't get enough of it.


There's no disputing that Arlo is highly distracting. But he's also incredibly motivating. He brightens my day so immensely. So, while you may be wondering how she gets any work done during the day as you read this, I am actually more productive than I have ever been.


I can concentrate when I need to because of Arlo. Giving him attention when he needs it not only offers me a mental respite, but it also makes him happy enough to allow me work for an hour or so before his furry paws smash me in the face.


When I started a new remote job over two years ago, I mastered the skill of working remotely, but working remotely with a dog is a very different storey. It takes patience and love, but it's not impossible. I'm lucky in that I enjoy what I do so much that it never feels like work, so I divide my day between my two passions: writing and Arlo Moon.


On some days, that means letting him cuddle up next to me while I compose a new email campaign, while on others, it means taking him for hourly walks and bathroom breaks. But one thing hasn't changed: owing to my little Arlo Moon, my attitude and productivity have been boosted.


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