Thermal spas in Hungary

Hungary has a huge stock of thermal water, the number of springs is more than 1200, and it is the 5th largest in the world. Given this fact, the country has many thermal spas.

A unique feature of Hungary is that it "stands" on an underground sea, which is the source for thermal and mineral waters bursting to the surface.

Budapest is not only the capital of Hungary, but the city has the honor to be called the "Capital of thermal spas", and as befits the capital, thermal hotels deserve special attention, they are simply gorgeous.

The natural healing water is used in 8 spa centers, they are called baths here. Some of the bath houses are architectural monuments, the beauty and chic is breathtaking. 


Gellert Health Spa in Budapest

It was built in 1917 in the Art Nouveau style and looks like a luxurious palace from the inside. There are 13 swimming pools, 10 of which are covered. The mineral spring, according to a legend, was discovered by a hermit monk who lived in a cave on the mountain in the olden days.


Rudas Baths, Budapest

The Rudas Baths were built by the Turks who started building the thermal baths in 1550. The ten-meter dome with eight columns is in Ottoman style. Under the dome is an octagonal basin, the symbolism of the period.


Szechenyi Thermal Palace, Budapest

The Szechenyi Baths looks simply gorgeous, and they are the largest thermae in Europe. The bathing palace was built in the style of the modern Renaissance and has 20 pools of which three, the largest, are outdoors in the inner space of the bathing palace.


Besides the baths in Budapest, Hungary has at least a dozen more thermal spas. About all of them in the format of an article can not tell, but about the most my favorite, which surpasses the effect of all the others and the luxury, I will tell.


Resort on Lake Heviz.

Lake Heviz is a dream for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle, and most importantly to seriously improve their health. Hévíz looks like a neat European town with nice streets, cozy cafes, but the main thing I want to mention is an excellent infrastructure for treatment with all the attributes of a health resort. In my opinion, it is the number one health resort in Hungary, so I will dwell on it in more detail.


#Lake Heviz is of volcanic origin, it is fed by a mineral and two thermal springs, which gush out at a depth of 38 meters. Despite the small size of the lake and the large number of tourists, its water is always clean, the full cycle of water renewal is 72 hours.


Natural baths in the lake can be taken all year round, the water temperature is 33-35 degrees in summer and does not drop below 23 degrees in winter. The thermal springs are saturated with carbon dioxide, sulfur, a small amount of radon and many minerals. The dense steam that hangs over the lake is also very healing.


To be in the water can be on health from 20 minutes to 1.5 hours, because the composition is very saturated and powerful effect on the body. The most basic indication is diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Another important point is that the lake has some unique bacteria, which improves the condition of cartilage.


You can drink the mineral water, it is fed in the pump rooms, but compared to the well-known drinking spas of Europe (Karlovy Vary, Rogaška Slatina), it has weaker effect on gastrointestinal tract. However, the main direction is treatment of diseases of musculoskeletal apparatus. 

Baths on Lake Heviz

On Lake Heviz, at the end of the 17th century, the State Spa was built by a Count of the family of Festetics, and today it is the St. Andros Rheumatology Clinic. The main therapeutic procedure is bathing in the lake, which is much more effective than all procedures in neighboring sanatoriums taken together.


Health hotels of Hévíz of course offer a full range of medical and SPA procedures, as in the most serious sanatorium, this wrapping with mud, which is collected from the bottom of the lake, carbonic baths, therapeutic massages and exercises, and many other procedures. 

People from all over Europe come to this resort for rehabilitation after surgeries, traumas, to heal nerves and female diseases. Healing effect of water is very strong, so medical indications are required, which means that people come here not just for relaxation and rejuvenation.


All guests must be examined by the doctor, who will examine medical cards, scans and everything else that the patient has brought with him, and prescribe an individual plan of treatment. 


If you want to combine recovery and acquaintance with another country, visit its attractions, that is to take the maximum out of the trip, consider #thermal spas in Hungary, it is worth it, believe me. 


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