These 5 plants are hated by rats, easy to grow and can be grown at home

Rats are a nuisance animal that often enters the house. In addition to being dirty and carrying disease, when rats enter the house sometimes also eat food ingredients in the kitchen.

Although most people prefer to use poison or traps, preventing mice from entering the house is better than catching, driving away, or killing them.

One way to prevent mice from entering your home is to plant plants that mice hate . As reported by Hunker , here are some plants that rats hate and we can try growing at home:


1. Garlic


Garlic can prevent mice from entering our homes and gardens. Garlic contains several sulfur compounds that produce a pungent odor that is not liked by rodents, such as rats.

We can make a simple spray by adding a clove of garlic to boiling water. Then, strain the liquid into a spray bottle and spritz it on areas where rats visit a lot.

We can also sprinkle garlic powder around the house or garden as an alternative way to repel mice .


2. Tomato


Tomato plants planted around the garden are also believed to help repel mice that enter the garden. Try spreading tomato plant leaves around your home and garden as an alternative way to repel mice .


3. Peppermint


Turns out rats don't like the smell of peppermint. Whereas for humans the aroma of peppermint feels pleasant and calming.

Planting peppermint trees in your yard can be one way to keep mice from entering your home. Peppermint can also be made into a rat repellent spray.

The peppermint smell tends to disappear within a few days. Therefore, replace them all with new ones after a few days.


4. Flower plants


Some types of flowers are also believed to be able to repel mice, such as daffodils, marigolds, and lavender. Marigolds, for example, have a strong odor and are one of the plants that rats hate .

While lavender has purple flower buds that emit a fresh scent and is liked by humans, but not liked by mice. 

Lavender can be harvested, dried, and hung around the house, or made into herbal sachets and stuffed in drawers and cupboards to repel moths and other pests.

5. Herbs


Oregano, black pepper, and cayenne pepper are quite effective as a way to repel rats and other rodents.

To use it, we can also sprinkle the herbs on the ground, plants, to the sidelines of the door to prevent mice from entering the house.

These plants have a strong odor and the boundaries created by these plants can protect the area from rodents.



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