These 5 remedies will give instant relief from blocked nose, try it once


For this you have to put a few drops of aromatic oil in hot water. Apart from this, you can also add a few drops of iodine or Vicks capsules to it. Now inhale the steam facing this hot water pot. It will open the nose as well as give relief in cold.


work out

Another simple way to open a blocked nose is a small exercise. Yes, for this you have to close your nose and tilt the head backwards and hold the breath for some time. After this, it will be easier to breathe by opening the nose. You can repeat this method.


Hot water

If you are comfortable, tilt your head back and with the help of a dropper, put a few drops of warm or lukewarm water in the nostrils. After a while, turn the head back and remove this water.


Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a great remedy to open a blocked nose. Whenever your nose gets blocked, apply coconut oil from your finger to the inside of your nose. Or put a few drops of coconut oil in the nose and then take a deep breath. In no time your nose will open. Make sure the coconut oil is melted.



The smell of camphor is also a good way to open a blocked nose. If you want, you can smell it by mixing it with coconut oil, or even smelling plain camphor will benefit you. Apart from this, the closed nose can be opened easily by giving warmth to the nose.


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