Thin Line between Confidence and Overconfidence

Over Coming with problems

There is a word that people always use to explain or motivate but never tell what that the word means and how do we know that the thing that is in us is the word that is Confidence.

We are always confused about what is confidence and what is overconfidence?

There is a very thin difference in confidence and overconfidence,

For this, let me give you an example from the game itself,

When we are playing cricket, we have to catch the ball when the ball is in the air, then we stretch our hands to catch it but that ball is left out but if we stretch our hands when that ball is near then the ball is caught,

Here he immediately prepared himself to catch this ball.

It means that if we are already prepared for something, then it is our Overconfidence that I will do it but if we are ready for something immediately, our Confidence says that I will show it by doing.



Whenever we are ready for something in advance that I will do it, it is our



Whenever we are ready for something immediately, to do something that is going to

happen immediately that I will show it by doing it is our confidence.

There is a small difference in both these words, the name of which is trust.

Trust is born when we have complete faith in ourselves that we will do it but its

the situation is something else, it is born in different situations.


We should always keep confidence in ourselves or trustworthy on ourselves

If the overconfident person makes a mistake, it may take a long time to rectify that

mistake or it will not be corrected. If the Confident person makes a mistake, that

mistake can be rectified or the Confident person does not make many mistakes.


Overall, we are ready for any work or to get out of any problem, then it is our Confidence in ourselves.


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