Things you can't forgive a woman

You can't forgive when a woman threatens to leave. Or when she constantly talks about divorce (the end of the relationship). Some women like to say, "I'll leave you soon," "I'm filing for divorce tomorrow," "I'd rather live alone than with you," and so on. Some put up with it for years, but I don't advise it.


When a woman says that, there really is a chance of leaving. Even though it seems like she's said it a hundred times before, and nothing has happened. It's not worth wasting your time on her. Especially since with these words she is like saying: "Do what I want, otherwise I will leave. And I'm very valuable to you, cling to me."


I think this attitude can be called dismissive or condescending. It's a rather unpleasant situation. You can see right away that the woman no longer respects the man. And then what is the point of forgiving? If she constantly brings stress to life, humiliation, with no respect? That is the question for men.


You can't forgive something that you don't intend to tolerate, but it's already become the norm. The bottom line is that people don't really change. If a woman did something once, you can tell her that you don't like it, annoys her, and so on. If it repeats, you can give her one last chance.


If it is repeated even then, then it is already a system, and you should not forgive it, it is better to leave. Yes, it can be some little thing. For example, the woman is getting ready for a long time. You have warned in advance, and talk about how unpleasant it is for you to wait every time.


And she still half an hour before going out, sitting on the couch, not even thinking to get ready. Some people will say that it's not a big deal. But it's not the little thing, it's the fact that she knows it's unpleasant for a man, and she keeps doing it. And what man would want to be stressed about it almost every day for the rest of his life? I wouldn't advise putting up with that.


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