Things Your Competitors Know About GAMING SMARTPHONES

This is 21st century and gaming world has developed the era and way of games with lot of high graphic games with need of high RAM capacity phones. The gaming industry have changed the technology and conventional 2-D method of gaming into modern 3-D gaming creating the whole virtual world to be experienced at a new world. You are still behind being a pro and professional gamer. This article is for the gamers who play PUBG and various online platform games which is trending and creating a worldwide tournaments. Please give a time and read the article as it is very helpful for you guys. So, let me share some of the skills and tricks one should apply to get into a professional level of gaming with whole new experience.

Games like PUBG, FORTNITE, CLASH OF CLANS have risen the standard of the gaming and with the increasing number of the users and downloading trending into millions. As, the demand of these games have increased by the number of users the capablities of the phone have also increase not only for the PRO gamers but also for the Beginners. Let's discuss about the basic and important points one should check before buying a smartphone:-



This is possibly the biggest determinant of your gaming experience. The processor used in the phone as well as the core frequency decides how quickly a device is able to process your touch inputs and render heavy graphics. As of now, phones with a Snapdragon 845 processor are best equipped for a gaming experience. A good processor will also have optimal energy consumption.



The network platform plays a very important role in online gaming. If you are stuck in bad network you may encounter lagging and sometimes you may face unnecessary droping out of games. The network can make you upset and may sometimes irritate you from top to bottom as may be you will be in a good position of winning a game. So, I will recommend you to use high speed internet or high speed ethernet cable with minimum speed of atleast 600 Kb/sec. The best gaming network can be AIRTEL and JIO but most prefable for me is AIRTEL since the network coverage and phone comaptiblity is very user's friendly.



As a gaming fan, you probably don’t enjoy the pop up that asks you to charge your phone while you are busy firing in the last round of your favorite game. Gaming sucks up a lot of battery power and your phone needs to be equipped with good battery life to get you through a long session.



Today most phones come with a display of around 6 inches. A screen of this size along with a high aspect ratio is a must to get a full view of the battlefield or playing field. Decent screen size will make it easier for you to zero in on your opponents and select from the range of options while playing a game. Choosing phones with a notch design will allow you to utilize a bit more of your screen.



If you take a look at some of the most popular gaming apps right now, you’ll realize that they rarely take up less than 1 GB of space on your phone. Complex storylines, weapon inventories, and character customization options all add to the app size. Though most phones today come with loads of storage space in 64 GB and 128 GB variants, take stock of how much space your favorite games are taking up. Temporary memory or RAM also plays an important role. A good gaming phone should have at least 2 GB RAM.


Keep these factors in mind for your next gaming phone purchase. You don't need to invest much and more amount while purchasing a smartphone just keep in mind the above mentioned points and start a proper gaming and make a way to the professional gaming.



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