Third Eye. It is possible to develop the ability to see and understand better than others?

Third Eye.


You've probably heard of the mystical third eye?


People who have a third eye can see and understand more than ordinary people. 

There is no detailed description of how or who can have a third eye. 

There is an opinion that the third eye can open in people who have taken the path of enlightenment. 


The most common ones are yogis.


What is the secret of the third eye here?


Is it possible to develop the ability to see and understand more than ordinary people?


I think, yes, it is possible.

Provided you have detailed instructions and follow them diligently. 


It all depends on your breathing.


Breathing is the most important function of our body, and how well you see and understand the world around you depends on it. 

How healthy you will be, and how long you will live. 


Why does breathing affect how our brain and body work?


The fact is that the air we breathe contains a very low percentage of carbon dioxide. 


And because of the lack of carbon dioxide, our blood does not supply oxygen to our organs, brain, heart, kidneys, and so on.  


Our brain constantly suffers from a lack of oxygen. 

A person becomes sick. 


It is impossible to discover such an ability as a third eye in such a state. 


It is impossible to change the atmosphere and increase the carbon dioxide in the air. 


We inhale air that contains oxygen, and we exhale carbon dioxide. 


So by changing our breathing, we can increase the carbon dioxide level in our body to a normal level and our brain will start to get more oxygen. 


To do this, you need to constantly, throughout the day, monitor your breathing.


How do you breathe?


You have to breathe only through your nose. 


You need to breathe so that always, and everywhere, you feel a slight lack of breath. 


Beginners, often, very much reduce the depth of breathing. 

This makes it hard for them to breathe, and they stop training their breath. 


In fact, nothing terrible has happened. 

You have reduced the depth of your breathing too much.


You need to stop. 

Start breathing as usual, trying not to breathe in deeply. 


Restore your breathing. 


You can breathe short but frequent breaths, but do not take deep breaths. 


Because taking deep breaths will cause our body to lose carbon dioxide, and the blood will reduce the supply of oxygen to our brain. 


So we need to learn how to breathe with a constant feeling of lack of air throughout the day. 


Breathe in such a way that you feel this lack of air and your body does not feel much discomfort. 


If you follow these simple rules, your brain will get the right amount of oxygen. 


If you do it right, you will feel warm in your body from the first minute. 

Your hands, feet, neck, and back will get warm. 


After some time of regular exercise, you will start to see and understand more than 99% of people on the planet. 


Since most people breathe deeply.


You will begin to understand simple things that others will not understand.


For example. 


You won't have to ask anybody how much water you need to drink per day, 1.5 or 2.0 liters. 


Only humans ask that question. 

No one on this planet, except man, has such questions.


Except man, everyone on this planet knows when they need to drink and how much. 




Because no one ever told the animals: breathe deeper and get more oxygen.


Now you know what to do. 


I wish you patience in mastering the method. 


And your body will gain the ability to see and understand more than other people. 


Not everyone has patience and persistence, so the third eye will not open for everyone. 


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