This 200w Mobile Charger From Xiaomi Will Charge Your Mobile Battery In Less Than 8 Minutes!

Xiaomi today announced the much-awaited launch of its 200W HyperCharge mobile charger that is capable of charging a 4,000mAh battery in less than 8 minutes. This launch seems to have stunned the entire technical industry, and we expect faster mobile chargers from other brands as well.

In addition to the launch of the 200W HyperCharge fast charging mobile charger, the company also announced to introduction of 120W wireless fast charging technology that can easily charge a smartphone with the same battery capacity within 15 minutes. This makes Xiaomi, the world’s first company to offer 200W fast charging, the highest ever for a smartphone, in addition to the complete range of Xiaomi smartphones.

The Chinese tech giant, offering a range of products ranging from Xiaomi Mobile devices to mobile power banks and mobile chargers to headphones and a lot more, took to Twitter to announce the arrival of 200W HyperCharge fast charging and 120W wireless fast charging technologies.

The company posted a short video of 44 seconds on its latest launch on how it takes just 44 seconds for the phone to charge till 10 percent and just 3 minutes for it to charge to 50 percent. And you can expect the smartphone to be fully charged in less than 8 minutes with the wired fast charging technology.


Oppo is another industry leader that is having a 125W Flash Charging technology that claims to recharge a 4,000mAh battery in 20 minutes. On the other hand, Realme‘s 125W UltraDART also offers the same charging speeds.


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