This Is How Battlegrounds Mobile India Plans To Ban Cheaters

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has hinted at the arrival of several new features in the latest post on its website. Game developer Krafton confirmed that weapon skins are now included in crates or roulettes. It also said that is reviewing the possibility of opening up the BP Shop, adding a voice pack in Hindi, and introducing Prime Subscriptions as well as Bonus Challenge in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Krafton also outlined all the measures it has been taking to detect and ban cheaters in the game. It said that Battlegrounds Mobile India has a 24-hour security system that automatically ban.

Battlegrounds Mobile India's Plans to Ban Cheaters

"To ensure this process is well-managed, the UI displays a warning sign stating that each ban will be in effect until you cancel your request. This will also reduce the workload of the moderators who are working 24 hours a day to block all cheaters," wrote Krafton. The developer also said it has strengthened the ban detection algorithms, so that it can detect cheaters faster and block them faster. The developer is also working on a built-in cheat detection feature that will be installed in the game soon. The company plans to add emotes as well as the Prime Subscription feature as its in-game bonus. However, there has not been a word on the inclusion of an Indian leader for Battlegrounds Mobile India. The game is currently available only in China.


Weapon Skins

"We have added weapon skins to the crates and roulettes. It's free to open the crate and choose a skin as you would in the game," Krafton said. It also confirmed that users can unlock all weapon skins (which usually retail for 100 rupees) using Reforged Currency. "There are 10 weapon skins that can be unlocked for free using this currency and for this, you have to play at least 3 matches," it said. A popular Battlegrounds action item is skins for weapons. For instance, the Chest Splitter, Rift Breaker, Needler, AR, Bow, and Grenade launchers are the popular weapons skins. Note that each skin usually comes with five or more items that have a huge number of gameplay-altering effects. But as of now, the only items that are available for sale are the weapons skins.


BP Shop

Krafton also said that it has a special shop where people can buy weapon skins for Battlegrounds Mobile. For this, players need to purchase 4 packages priced at Rs. 999, Rs. 1,499, Rs. 1,799, and Rs. 2,999, respectively. These packages also come with a subscription. A short description of each of the packages was provided to users of the game, alongside their availability. Spoils of War If one likes to play Battlegrounds Mobile India, there is a perk of making use of the Battle-Bucks currency that is available in the game. Users can make use of these coins to buy weapon skins. The Battle-Bucks currency can be used to buy premium items like paintjobs, in-game currency, matchmaking times, weapon skins, game credits, and more.


Voice Pack in Hindi

The voice pack in Hindi is likely to be a prelude to introducing it as an in-game purchase. Earlier this month, an earlier post on Steam revealed how voice packs have been sold in South Korea since March, but the feature is not natively supported in Battlegrounds Mobile. One of the offers was even bundled with a $5 South Korean game deal. That said, ESL already offers its own voice pack. If it eventually adds support for the feature, it will be the first game to have voice packs, though games like Hitman Go have supported voice packs on iOS for quite a while now. Battlegrounds Mobile India introduces Prime Subscription, Prime Subscription Bug Fixes, Online Broadcasting, Finally, Battlegrounds Mobile India also said that it will come out with “something special for the big fans”.


Prime Subscription and Bonus Challenge

Krafton said that users can subscribe to a premium membership of Battlegrounds Mobile India. This can be activated by clicking the 'Kickback' button after the game has been started. There are two membership tiers available. As of now, one tier is available for Rs. 99 (about $1.6 / £1.4) and the other for Rs. 399 (about $6.3 / £5.8). This membership is available for 24 hours only. Bonus Challenge Now, users who complete the bonus challenge will be given points that can be used to redeem items such as the Critical Camper, Critical Camper Case, and VIP Loot. If you don't finish the bonus challenge within 24 hours, you'll automatically forfeit any points you have gained, the company said.


Banning cheaters

Krafton said that Battlegrounds Mobile India has a special Anti-Cheat System (ACS) that uses sophisticated bots that can detect banned players. It also added that the AC system is quite advanced and tracks user activity and movement in the game with great accuracy. It also said that the system logs chat history and enables automated action for detected cheating activities. The developer said that Battlegrounds Mobile India have no option to ban cheaters as the system is highly intelligent and has got the ability to identify new tricks and bots. But the developers do have the capability to ban real players from the game.


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