This is the Residence of the Jin Nation

Jinn are creatures created by God made of fire. In the jinn group there are also Muslim jinn and non-Muslim jinn. The jinn infidels we usually call the devil. Muslim jinn are jinn who worship and worship Allah SWT, while infidel jinn are jinn who are enemies of humans and always try to trap and plunge humans into ugliness.

Like other living things, jinn also have a place to live like we humans. However, because of their unseen form, we cannot know their whereabouts. However, we are never far from the jinn. Maybe they are around us wherever we are.

Speaking of where the jinn live, do you know where the jinn live? it could be, the genies are also in your house. And here is the house or residence of the jinn.

1. In Houses


From Sa'id Al-Khudri it is said that Rasulullah SAW said, “In the house there are occupants (jinn) so if you see something (strange) then expel him 3 times, if he leaves then let him, but if he is stubborn (no want to go) then kill him, because he must be an infidel jinn, "[HR. Muslim]

Rasulullah SAW said, "There is not a Muslim's house except on the roof of his house there is a Muslim jinn. When he serves breakfast, they (jinn) also eat breakfast with them. When the evening meal is served, they (jinn) also join the evening meal with the Muslims. It's just that Allah protects and prevents the Muslims from being disturbed by the jinn." [HR. Abu Bakr in the Book of Fathul Bari by Ibn Hajar Atsqolani]

2. In the Toilet or Bathroom


This is why we are required to read a prayer before going to the toilet, it turns out that in the toilet is the residence of the jinn. So, from now on make it a habit to read prayers before going to the bathroom so that we avoid being disturbed by jinn or demons.

In the hadith, the Prophet said: "Indeed, the latrines (WC) are inhabited by Jinn" [HR. Abu Dawud, Nasa'i, Ibn Majah and Ahmad]

3. In the Hole


The Messenger of Allah strictly forbade us to urinate in the holes. Be it on the ground, rocks, or something else. Because, in the holes there are the dwellings of the jinn

From Abdullah bin Sarjas, Rasulullah SAW said, "Let no one of you pee in the hole", they asked Qatadah, "Why not pee in the hole?", Qatadah replied, "Rasulullah SAW said because the hole is where the jinn live . ” [HR. Nasai and Ahmad]

4. In the Desert and the Caves


We often hear or see that there are shirk people who perform austerities in caves. This turns out to be because in the cave there is a residence of the jinn. They ask for everything from the jinn, Astagfirullah.

From Ibn Mas'ud ra. said, “One day we (the companions) gathered with Rasulullah SAW suddenly we lost him, then we searched in the valleys and villages (but we did not find him). We then said, "Rasulullah SAW has been kidnapped and taken hostage."

That night, our sleep was downright unpleasant. When the morning arrived, it was seen that Rasulullah SAW was rushing towards us from the direction of a cave in the middle of the desert.


We then said, “O Messenger of Allah, last night we really lost you, then we looked here and there but we did not find you. Then we slept very unpleasant. " Rasulullah SAW then said, "Last night I was visited by a messenger from a group of Jinn, he took me to his people to teach the Qur'an," [HR. Muslim]

5. In the Water


The devil or the jinn group has a kingdom over the water. So it is not surprising that many people believe in the story of Kanjeng Ratu Nyi Roro Kidul who is believed to be the ruler or queen of the southern sea.

From Jabir Rasulullah SAW said, "Verily the devil has a throne on the water," [HR. Muslims and Ahmad]

6. In the Markets


In a hadith, the Messenger of Allah said, "Do not be the first to enter the market or the last to leave the market, because the market is a place for the devils to fight. And it is in the market that Satan has planted his flag," [HR. Muslim]


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