This is what the new MacBook Air will be like. Is the legendary design lost?

The new MacBook Air may change a lot in appearance. This is reported by the foreign publication MacRumors, citing a little-known insider from a profile forum.

The MacBook Air has always had one key visual difference from other Mac models: the wedge-shaped case. From the very first Air, released in 2008, the series has received a recognizable design code of the case: it has the thickest part at the back, and gradually narrows to the front, almost going to "no". At its thinnest part, the Air case is only a couple of millimeters thick - this visually gives the ultrabook that very "airiness" and lightness. According to insiders, the Air will soon lose this distinction. According to the latest leak from a user with the nickname Ty98, the future MacBook Air 2022 will no longer have a wedge-shaped chassis. He claims that the upcoming design will be "very round and light," whatever that means. Earlier rumors confirm that Apple is working on an updated design for the MacBook Air. This is not surprising: the "wedge" has been in use by the company for more than 12 years, and it will have to be replaced with something new at some point. However, it's worth noting that, both in the late noughties and in 2021, the Air design still looks very stylish. In addition to the body, the Air will also change its display. Amid current rumors of "bangs" in the MacBook Pro, insiders say that the same element will appear in future Air models next year. The introduction of Face ID in the "air" macbook is not expected.


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